About the Writing Program

The writing program at Indiana University East is committed to university-wide writing excellence. Through our writing courses, our campus and community events, and our writing center, we provide opportunities for our students to engage with the process of writing from the first-year through graduation and beyond. Our composition courses are one of the foundational requirements to prepare students for the many learning and writing experiences they will encounter, both at IU East and in their lives as citizens and professionals.

Our composition courses ask students to compose in a variety of media and contexts, explore important questions, analyze and use information, and think critically about the issues that are important to them. On this website, you can learn more about our courses, discover the resources we provide for both students and faculty, and locate information about the many events the writing program hosts or participates in on campus and in our community. For information about writing placement and course requirements, see the "Policies" page, or contact us.



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Tanya Perkins

Tanya Perkins
  • Chair, English
  • Assistant Professor, English
  • 765-973-8317
  • Whitewater Hall 272
  • Faculty Profile

Kelly Blewett

Kelly Blewett
  • Assistant Professor and Writing Program Director, English
  • 765-973-8637
  • Whitewater Hall 276
  • Faculty Profile

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