Placement exams for Spanish, French, and German

Why should I take the test?

Save time and money by getting credit for prior learning!

  • Most high school graduates in Indiana already have 2 to 4 years of foreign language study.
  • Over $800 and 16 weeks saved!: Per 2019 fees, enrolling in a course you may not need will cost you $896.92. If you successfully test out, it would cost you only $86 and free up your schedule.
  • It may reduce your time to graduation.
  • It makes it easier to get a minor or major in a second language.

General Information

  • You can take the test only once.
  • You should take the test as soon as possible, while the prior language is still fresh, especially freshmen and transfer students.
  • Study before the test using these review sheets: Spanish; French:  German
  • The placement test consists of a computerized exam (to be taken at the Testing Center or online via Zoom) contact Bob Lang at
  • The exam includes both written and audio components.
  • Official results and further information will be sent to your IU email address.

The day of the test

  • No textbooks, dictionaries, cell phones are allowed.
  • Indicate your IU email address.
  • Can take in person or via Zoom from the comfort of your home!

Placement Exam for Other Languages

If you have knowledge of a language not listed here, you may complete a placement exam at any accredited institution. Those results should be sent to your academic advisor, who will contact WLC faculty for assessment.

Credit by Exam/Credentials/Experience Fee Structure

As mentioned, credit may be awarded as the result of examination. See this site for more information: Bursar Tuition & Fees.

Request Information

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