Day 1: Departure from IU East campus

May 18, 2009

Getting ReadyLeaving the first day we had to take a group picture! Even though none of us were looking all that spectacular since we were wearing our flight clothes. We all wanted to be comfortable!

Toledo BridgeToledo was the first main stop on our trip. Upon arriving I couldn’t ignore the amazing Moorish architecture.  There are a lot arches used in many of the structures. The variety in the use of the arches is endless. Some of the arches are shown in the pictures.

Narrow StreetAnother thing that cannot be ignored in Toledo are the narrow cobblestone streets. Cobblestone streets are something I have not seen a long time and it is awesome to see the sidewalk constantly changing. Cars pass by so closely to one another and I find it insane. I could never imagine driving that closely to someone else. Something to keep in mind when walking the streets in Spain in general is cars do not always stop for pedestrians. That is something we take for granted in the United States. If one steps into a crosswalk it is assumed the oncoming car will stop and waiting for you. Not the case here. Normally the sound of a horn is heard before the car begins to slow down.

- Beth

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