The Women’s and Gender Studies Program

The Women’s and Gender Studies program at Indiana University East supports students in the thoughtful and rigorous exploration of gender as a complex and significant issue across all areas of human experience. Particular attention is paid to how gender intersects with other factors, for example race and class. The program provides a wide range of interdisciplinary courses to engage students in a variety of theories, perspectives, approaches, and applications that assist in achieving an enriched understanding of how systems, concepts, and ideas grounded in gender shape our lives and societal structures.

Program goals include: support careful examination of gender issues, engage in thoughtful and open discussion of gender concepts, explore our positions on key gender issues across the disciplines, and achieve an understanding of the cross-cultural conversations on key issues that lead to particular beliefs. The Women’s and Gender Studies program seeks to expand, to deepen, and to enrich learning experiences while at the university and beyond.

Edwina Helton

Edwina Helton
  • Professor, English
  • Director and Advisor, Women's and Gender Studies
  • 765-973-8460
  • Whitewater Hall 269
  • Faculty Profile

Joan Esterline Lafuze

Joan Esterline Lafuze
  • Professor, Biology
  • Director and Advisor, Women's and Gender Studies
  • 765-973-8246
  • Whitewater Hall 284
  • Faculty Profile

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