Minor/Certificate in Women's & Gender Studies (18 cr)

The minor or certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary program which focuses on the understandings of women’s experiences and perceptions. It encourages you to understand and explore women’s contributions to knowledge, skills, and philosophies in a diversity of academic fields. It also encourages an understanding of gender and the complexity of sexual identification. At Indiana University East, Women’s and Gender Studies includes the humanities, social sciences, professional studies and the natural sciences, with special strengths in physiology and environmental sciences. The program promotes the development of creative problem solving through the critical thinking processes that move our society toward increased gender equity.

This minor is open to all students in all academic programs accommodating a minor.

There are no prerequisites to the minor itself, although some courses may require an introductory course in the specific discipline before enrolling in courses to meet the requirements for the Women’s and Gender Studies courses.

Program Format

The program's courses include selections that are seated and 100% online to provide flexibility in format and scheduling. Women's and Gender Studies courses offer individualized instruction by shaping courses to individual student interests and goals.

Program Requirements

Students must complete the 18 total credit hours. Students complete a foundations course and then choose from electives, with 12 of the credit hours earned from IU East. Students must earn a grade of "C-" or better for all courses used within the certificate.

Required Courses (18 cr)

  • Choose one course from:
    • WOST-W200 Women in Society: Intro to Women's Studies
    • WOST-W201 Women in Culture: Intro to Women's Studies
  • Choose five courses from at least two of the following groups:

    Women's and Gender Studies

    • WOST-W 200 Women in Society: Introduction to Women’s Studies (3 cr)
    • WOST-W 201 Women in Culture: Introduction to Women’s Studies (3 cr)
    • WOST-W 300 Topics in Women’s Studies (3 cr)
    • WOST-W 480 Practicum in Women’s Studies (3 cr)
    • WOST-W 495 Readings and Research in Women’s Studies (3 cr)
    • WOST-W 498 Critical Issues in WS (3 cr)


    • CMCL-C 122 Interpersonal Communication (3 cr)
    • CMCL-C 450 Gender and Communication (3 cr)
    • ENG-G 205 Intro. to the English Language (3 cr)
    • ENG-L 202 Literary Interpretation (3 cr)
    • ENG-L 204 Introduction to Fiction (3 cr)
    • ENG-L 207 Women and Literature (3 cr)
    • ENG-L 208 Topics in English and American Lit. (TOPIC: History of Children's Lit)
    • ENG-L 208 Topics in English and American Lit. (TOPIC: Women Irish Writers)
    • ENG-L 332 Romantic Literature (3 cr)
    • ENG-L 335 Victorian Literature (3 cr)
    • ENG-L 349 British Literature since 1900 (3 cr)
    • ENG-L 357 20th Century American Poetry (3 cr)
    • ENG-L 369 Studies in American & British Authors (TOPIC: Amer Women Writers of 20th C)
    • ENG-L 369 Studies in American & British Authors (TOPIC: History of Children's Lit) (3 cr)
    • ENG-L 369/L 666 Studies in American & British Authors / Survey of Children’s Lit (3 cr)
    • ENG-L 374 Ethnic American Literature (3 cr)
    • ENG-L 378 Studies in Women and Literature (3 cr)
    • ENG-L 379 American Ethnic and Minority Lit. (3 cr)
    • ENG-L 383 British or Commonwealth (3 cr)
    • ENG-L 390 Children’s Literature (3 cr)
    • ENG-L 391 Young Adult Literature (3 cr)
    • ENG-L 392 Topics in Children's Literature (3 cr)
    • FREN-F 371 Topics in French (3 cr) (TOPIC: Women's Voices)
    • HIST-B 306 Modern European Race, Gender, and Identity (3 cr)
    • HIST-H 260 History of Women in the U.S. (3 cr)
    • HIST-A 314 U.S. History 1917-45 (3 cr)
    • PHIL-P 310 Topics in Metaphysics
    • PHIL-P 282 Women in Philosophical Thought (3 cr)
    • SPAN-S 284 Women in Hispanic Culture (3 cr)
    • SPAN-S 290 Topics in Hispanic Culture (TOPIC: The Role of Women)

    Natural Sciences & Mathematics

    • ANAT-A 215 Basic Human Anatomy (5 cr)
    • BIOL-L 108 Environment and Life (3 cr)
    • BIOL-L 340 Biological Sex Roles (3 cr)
    • BIOL-L 391 Special Topics in Biology (TOPIC: Wmn in the Envrnmnt) (3 cr)
    • PHSL-P 215 Basic Human Physiology (5 cr)
    • PHSL-P 261 Human Anatomy and Physiology I (5 cr)
    • PHSL-P 262 Human Anatomy and Physiology II (5 cr)


    Purdue Programs in Richmond

    • OLS 454 Gender and Diversity in Management (3 cr)
    • OLS 456 Leadership in Global Envirnoment (3 cr)

    Social Sciences

    • HSRV-H 205 Treatment Issues in Alcohol and Drug Abuse (3 cr)
    • POLS-Y 206 Politics of American Ethnic Minorities
    • POLS-Y 324 Women and Politics
    • POLS-Y 345 Comparative Revolutions (3 cr)
    • PSY-B 388 Human Sexuality (3 cr)
    • PSY-P 460 Women: A Psychological Perspective (3 cr)
    • SOC-S 217 Social Inequity (3 cr)
    • SOC-S 316 The Family (3 cr)
    • SOC-S 410 (Topics: Queer Identities and Communities) (3 cr)
    • SOC-S 413 Gender and Society (3 cr)
    • CJUS-P 493 Seminar in Criminal Justice (TOPIC: Class, Race, Gender, Crime) (3 cr)

Contact Information

Edwina Helton

Edwina Helton
  • Professor, English
  • Director and Advisor, Women's and Gender Studies
  • Member, Honors Program Committee
  • 765-973-8460
  • Whitewater Hall 269
  • Faculty Profile

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