School of Humanities & Social Sciences

Our Mission Statement

“The mission of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences is to explore the many dimensions of the human condition through teaching, scholarly and creative activities, and service. As a School of Indiana University East, Humanities and Social Sciences embodies and promotes all aspects of the campus mission. We especially endorse the campus commitment to diversity.”

HSS Strategic Plan

Strategic Initiatives and Goals

Initiative 1 - Internal Functioning

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences will function as a single unit and promote a common message and goals to internal and external constituencies.

  • Goal A: Improve branding, marketing, and overall visibility of the School of HSS on-campus, online, and throughout our service area
  • Goal B: Foster a collegial, supportive, and positive working environment
  • Goal C: Prepare for future external reviews
  • Goal D: Increase the base budget
  • Goal E: Increase staff members to support high needs and new initiatives as resources allow
  • Goal F: Assess effectiveness of internal functioning

Initiative 2 - Academic Excellence

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences will support and promote academic excellence.

  • Goal A: Increase the percentage of FT tenure track faculty to support current and proposed programs.
  • Goal B: Hire qualified part-time faculty to support current and proposed academic programs
  • Goal C: Provide systematic support for improvement of teaching and learning practice
  • Goal D: Feature the scholarly and creative productivity, teaching excellence, and service-based contributions of HSS faculty
  • Goal E: Assess teaching and learning outcomes

Initiative 3 - Community Engagement

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences will be viewed as a valuable community resource, contributor, and partner.

  • Goal A: Maintain and develop opportunities for community and regional engagement
  • Goal B: Support existing and help develop new promotional efforts to strengthen relationship between the university and community
  • Goal C: Create pathways for service engagement that enhance professional development for all stakeholders (faculty, staff, students, community)
  • Goal D: Assess impact of civic engagement and community involvement

Initiative 4 - Student Success

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences will promote student success through a focus on academic growth, personal development, and career planning.

  • Goal A: Foster students' academic success
  • Goal B: Promote students' personal and career development
  • Goal C: Create a pervasive advising culture
  • Goal D: Increase retention and improve graduate rate for HSS majors
  • Goal E: Assess effectiveness of student success initiatives

Initiative 5 - Diversity

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences will maintain a commitment to diversity and promote diverse ways of knowing and being on campus, online, and throughout the community.

  • Goal A: Lead the campus in promoting a climate supportive of diverse ways of knowing and being
  • Goal B: Develop curricula that implement issues of diversity, require critical thinking about the contemporary world, and enable students to more fully participate as global citizens
  • Goal C: Integrate diversity initiatives across classroom, online, campus and community environments
  • Goal D: Assess effectiveness of diversity initiatives

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