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Student Spotlight: Zach Bishop

Zach Bishop

Zach Bishop has done things lately he never dreamed he was capable of in high school.

“I didn’t really have many goals back then. I was a completely different person. I kept my gaze down and my head in a hole. I wasn’t really looking at the big picture. It’s scary being a high school kid and doing worksheets and writing papers and then they’re like, ‘Okay, now you have to pick something you’re going to do for the rest of your life,’” Zach said.

But after a long road of trial and error, Zach found a place for himself at IU East. He met professors that saw his potential and encouraged Zach to do things that he wouldn’t have otherwise. “They saw something in me that I’ve had to see within myself,” Zach said.

He joined the Honors Program and presented at a conference for writing with several of his peers from the English program. Zach loves to write and sees this ability playing into a variety of employment options.

He also applied for and received a Summer Research Scholarship, twice. With the resources the scholarship provided, Zach started Victory Garden, Inc., an organic gardening business. He’s using funds to teach people the benefits of gardening and sustainable living. As a result of the experience, Zach is teaching himself that he has career options to do something he loves in life.

“Studying English and being a part of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences has opened my eyes to my own potential,” Zach said. “If I try my best, I’m more likely to succeed than if I just sign myself off to failure. IU East, the HSS faculty, and the Summer Research Scholarship have given me faith in myself to take a chance.”

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