International Studies

The International Studies Program at IU East educates students to be global citizens in the 21st century.  The interdisciplinary program emphasizes critical thinking skills and creative problem solving within a global context. We examine the diverse relationships among political, economic, cultural, environmental and other factors around the globe.  In doing so, we understand their personal, local, regional, national, and international effects.

Students pursuing a BA in International Studies will build their competencies in global awareness and intercultural communication through diverse course offerings, foreign language study and study abroad experience. An independent, globally engaged, research project in the capstone course affords students the opportunity to tailor the program to meet their own interests under the close supervision of a faculty member.

IU East faculty affiliated with the International Studies Program are committed to fostering intellectual growth and personal development through rigorous courses and individualized mentoring in their fields of international specialization. Disciplinary fields of focus include anthropology, art history, communication and culture, history, political science and others.  Regional areas of expertise include Latin America, Eastern Europe and Central Asia, Western Europe, and North America. 

What can you do with a degree in International Studies?

The BA in International Studies provides an excellent foundation for a wide variety of careers that require an understanding of political, economic, cultural, and other global affairs in both the public and private sectors, including:

  • Governmental agencies and NGOs
  • Foreign Service
  • Multi-national corporations
  • Public relations
  • International business
  • Education
  • Tourism and the travel industry

The BA in International Studies also prepares students to pursue graduate degrees in diverse fields such as:

  • Public Affairs / Public Management
  • International Relations
  • Community Development
  • Area Studies

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