School of Humanities & Social Sciences

Distance Education Students: Internship Process Quick-Guide


To be considered for an HSS internship you must meet the following requirements*:

    • Enrollment in a degree-seeking program at IU East
    • Junior or Senior Standing
    • GPA maintained at a 2.5 GPA or above
    • Participation in a resume critique
    • Permission or approval from a faculty mentor and/or Instructor of Record if pursuing academic credit

*exceptions when appropriate

Distance Education Internship Process & Checklist

  • Know the following information about your potential internship:
    • Who will be your supervisor?
    • What will be your job duties?  Will you work on special projects?
    • What kind of experiences are you hoping to gain from interning?  Talk with the employer about how it may be possible to gain these experiences.
    • What are your agreed upon work hours?  Is your internship virtual?
    • Will this be a paid or unpaid experience?
    • What other questions do you have about the company or organization?
  • Are you seeking Academic Credit?  Speak your HSS Academic Advisor to determine if Academic Credit is able to be applied to your degree.

Finding an Internship

We require distance education students to find internship opportunities in their local area.  We have students all over the US (and the world!) and the HSS Advising Office does not keep a comprehensive list of opportunities in every U.S. City.

    • If you’re unsure of where to begin, start by making a list of companies/organizations in your local area.  Begin by asking the Human Resources Department of the organization or company about internship opportunities.  You may also consider reaching out to individuals in the company to determine if they would like to host an intern.
    • Attend a Career or Internship Fair in your local area to meet employers.
    • Online sites like (for Indiana students only),,, or post internship opportunities.
    • Don’t forget, virtual internships are a great option for distance education students!  Visit for opportunities.

We require that you establish the contact with the company or organization to begin conversations about setting up an internship.  Consider this like a job hunt. The IU East Career Services Office is happy to help coach you through this process.

You may find companies or organizations that have never hosted an intern but would like to consider the opportunity.  In this case after speaking with the organization about your internship you may provide contact information for the IU East Career Services Office if the employer has further questions about the IU East Humanities and Social Sciences Internship Process outside of information you can provide.

Setting up internships can take time!  Please know that attempting to set up an internship in a short period of time is not always feasible.  The HSS Advising Office and IU East Career Services are always happy to help but there are a scope of limitations if the timeframe is short.

Academic Credit

If you’re interested in completing your internship for academic credit talk with your HSS Advisor to determine if it can count towards your degree requirements.  In most majors an internship can fit into your current plan, depending on the number of credit hours left to complete the degree and the timing of your internship.



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