Minor in Philosophy (18 cr)

The purpose of the minor in philosophy is to offer students a structured program in philosophy that will enhance any baccalaureate major. The minor will be open to all academic programs accommodating a minor. There are no prerequisites for the minor, although individual courses may have prerequisites.

The study of philosophy will enhance you critical abilities (thinking, reading, and writing), which will be a great asset to you in your academic and professional life. It also will contribute to an understanding of the pervasiveness of moral issues in contemporary life and an increased ability to address those issues intelligently. In addition, you will gain a better understanding of yourself as the result of guided discussion of issues of fundamental concern to human beings.

Philosophy Minor Core (9 cr)

Minor Electives (9 cr)

  • Choose 9 hours of elective credit in Philosophy, at the 200-level or higher.

Capstone Requirement

To complete the Minor in Philosophy, students must submit a portfolio showcasing their best work in all the courses counted toward the major. Consult with your minor advisor for specifics.

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