Sociology Makes a Difference

  • In Your Everyday Life
    • From the way you look at the world…
    • To the way you raise your family…
    • To the way you see yourself
  • In Your Work Experience
    • Opens up new job opportunities
    • Helps you be a more productive employee
    • Provides the tools you need in the workplace
  • In Creating Positive Change
    • Better living and working environment– for everyone
    • Research guided social policy
    • Individual and collective engagement and social movements
  • A Versatile Degree for an Uncertain Labor Market

What is Sociology

Sociology is the scientific study of society and human interaction. An important goal of this program is to enable students to develop a "sociological imagination," giving them the ability to connect individual private experience with social structure through concrete experiences and a strong theoretical perspective. Sociology uncovers and makes explicit the social forces, relationships, and functions that impact our daily lives. Sociology deconstructs popular myths and stereotypes, examines the socially constructed nature of our social world, and critiques the existing social arrangements. Indiana University East’s curriculum is designed to help students understand the principal perspectives, theories, and research methodologies of sociology. Through the study of Sociology, students are given a rich perspective on American culture in general, which can be invaluable in a time of rapid social and technological change. The Sociology Degree has two principle foci: Social Inequality and Human Agency. Our B.S in Sociology incorporates both sociology and anthropology courses and allows students to take either an advanced sociology or advanced anthropology track. This degree helps students explore the relation of social arrangements to both culture and individual experience and to investigate the relevance of the discipline for various forms of practice, for social policy, and for social action.

Careers in Sociology

Because Sociology is a versatile and broadly based discipline, it is an effective preparation for students interested in careers in human services, marketing, journalism, management, human resources, government, demography, and urban planning. For students wishing to continue their studies beyond the bachelor degree, the major is an excellent preparation for graduate work in sociology, anthropology, psychology, criminology, social work, business, law, minority studies, gender studies, and international relations.

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