Institutional Reporting, Effectiveness, and Planning

The Office of Institutional Reporting, Effectiveness & Planning provides information and research about various university data to members of the IU East campus and community as well as any outside individuals and organizations.

Meet the current Director, Mengie Parker, and the rest of his team.

Our Services & Responsibilities

  • Preparing and publishing regular reports on term enrollments, annual summary information on enrollments, retention, demographics, common datasets, state and federal reporting, as well as employee, finances, and facility information.
  • Providing ad-hoc reports for various academic and administrative offices, academic and administrative committees, and students.
  • Participating in state and national surveys on an as need basis.
  • Supporting programs and institutional accreditation needs.
  • Supporting any departments and offices seeking to better develop expertise in accessing and analyzing institutional data.


  • Improve the overall effectiveness of strategic planning and assessment of IU East datasets
  • Promote the success of IU East by applying proper research tools and analysis in aiding those individuals seeking various types of information
  • Respond quickly to all informational needs of all IU East community members
  • Continue to expand proficiency and resource allocation while improving professional development