Why Are INTERNSHIPS Important?

61% of students with internships have a job offer in hand by the winter of their senior year, compared with 28% of students without internships.

Undergraduate Business School Rankings, Bloomberg Business Week 2014

Internship Program

Career Services thrives to meet the needs of students and employers based on our professional competencies and standards set forth by the National Association of Colleges and Employers.

NACE (2013). Professional Competencies: For College and University Career Services Practitioners.

Competency: Sourcing and planning for experiential learning

      • Assist in the sourcing and planning of experiential education activities.
      • Teach students appropriate search and application techniques.
      • Provide information to students concerning financial resources/opportunities for obtaining academic credit.
      • Help students identify employers.

      Internship Flow Chart

Internship Process

Establishing Internship Experience

1. Student should talk with advisor early in his/her academic program to decide the best time for an internship

2. Work with faculty to determine for credit opportunity

3. Establish/submit resume to

4.. Meet with Career Services staff

5. Connect student to a position

             a. Reach out to faculty

             b. Career Services staff

             c. Indiana INTERNnet

The student is ultimately responsible for applying to the position/earning the internship.

Click on the link here to learn more about the steps in the internship process.

Student Guidelines

  1. Students must be currently enrolled at Indiana University East or Purdue Polytechnic Richmond.
  2. Credit internships are only available to degree-seeking students.
  3. Students must have a GPA of 2.5 or above (some employers/programs require higher).
  4. Critique of résumé by Office of Career Services staff.
  5. Permission/approval from an academic major faculty supervisor (in order to register for class and receive credit, if planning to complete internship for credit).

Does the internship program sound interesting?

Contact Sally Saydshoev, Career and Internship Coordinator, for more information.