IU EAST Student Internships

Students share their internship experiences below. If you are interested in learning more about our internship program, see our internship page under Career Services.

Fayette County Chamber of Commerce

        Kristin Lawson

For the Fall 2017 semester, I gladly accepted an internship with the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce in Connersville, Indiana. Since this was a Marketing internship, my main tasks were focused on promoting the Chamber and the local businesses that belong to the Chamber. I was able to attend several ribbon-cutting ceremonies during my internship where I had the opportunity to meet with new business owners, tour their business facilities, and learn what their business was all about. During these events, I was in charge of taking pictures and recording information that could be used to promote the business on the Chamber’s social media sites and to be sent in press releases to the local newspaper. In the office, I was able to help with designing graphics and invitations to be used for the Chamber newsletter and different events. Another interesting experience I had was visiting a few local businesses to interview new employees for a special section of the Chamber newsletter. At the start of my internship, I had the privilege of creating Twitter and Instagram accounts for the Chamber. Overall, this internship with the Fayette County Chamber of Commerce allowed me to use what I have learned from my business classes at IU East and put it into practice in the “real-world”. I was very pleased to intern in my hometown where I saw many familiar faces, while also meeting new people along the way.  

K. Lawson in Internship


Reid Health

         Rachel Johnson

This past summer (June 2017), I worked with the Reid Foundation team to prepare for Reid Ride. One of my main jobs was to ask for donations from local businesses and then collect the door prizes from donors. I helped the Foundation Event Coordinator with anything asked; therefore, my assignments and projects change daily.  

This internship was very important to me because I come from a science-oriented family, but I knew I wanted to be a business professional. I also did not know what kind of business I would enjoy before getting an internship at Reid Health. Through this internship, I have realized that I love the business side of healthcare. I have also realized that I would love to continue to work in a foundation after I graduate. I am fascinated by the amount of people in this community who want to donate to great causes that help people in need.   

Reid Ride Shoe Display               Rachel Johnson at Internship


Wayne County Soil and Water Conservation Education

            Jimmy Gregory

The position seemed like a perfect fit for me; twenty hours a week for eight weeks for a three-credit hour course. I was excited for the exposure to the recycling field more than anything about the job. The one thing that made me honestly hesitant about applying was the fact that I would be taking a significant pay cut by quitting my normal summer job. After receiving advise from Professor Tim Scales, I realized that the work experience in my dream field was worth the temporary financial sacrifice.  


During my summer internship I updated informative documents, took inventory of educational handouts, acted as Richie the Recycling Raccoon Mascot at the Wayne County Fair Grounds, and attended the Indiana Recycling Coalition Conference in Indianapolis. Much of the internship involved updating the Wayne/Union County Recycle, Reuse, and Disposal Guide. Once completed the guide needed an easy way to manage the 60 items by 65 businesses that want either to recycle or repair and reuse these unwanted items. I created an excel database from our guide’s information that will help spur economic growth for those business and keep our neighborhoods and road sides clean.   


One of the most educational opportunities on the job was when I would get to help the Watershed Coordinator preform chemical and physical water testing under designated bridges. We tested the water temperature, dissolved oxygen, acidity, nitrate level, and turbidity as well as the widths, depths, and velocity of the water. All of this data contributes to the Hoosier River Watch database in determining the health of a stream. I found out that different species of bugs- macro invertebrates- are used to determine stream health according to the bug species pollution tolerances. I was asked if I wanted to stay working as an intern during the fall. I gladly accepted. The work has felt empowering and I was glad I took the advice of Professor Scales to “Continue to investigate everything you can about the field that you are interested in to be the best in it.”  


Jimmy Gregory at Internship       Jimmy Gregory at Internship Picture 2


Wayne County Historical Museum

              Ashley Clayton

For this internship, I worked on creating a new exhibit for the Wayne County Museum. This exhibit followed the timeline of the creation of The National Road. It focused on the history of the road as it was built through Wayne County and how it has impacted our community through time. I also had the opportunity to work with the older exhibits by improving their displays and making sure that they were more visually appealing to all viewers.  

An absolutely fascinating aspect of interning at the Wayne County Historical Museum was that I am able to learn so many new things about our community everyday that I am there. I think that for us who live within Wayne county, we forget just how truly important our role is, not only us as members of the community, but also to the nation as a whole. On my first day as an intern, I found out that six different regiments from the Civil War actually trained here, in Richmond.  

I hope that I will be able to utilize this opportunity of having this particular internship within my career in the future due to the fact that I hope I am able to have a career within a museum. I hope to take the skills that I learned from this internship and be able to, not only better understand the many different aspects that go into creating an exhibit, but also the ends and outs of how a museum is operated.  

Historical Museum Exhibit      Ashley Clayton Profile Picture