Information Technology

Opportunity Pathway

An Indiana University East Technology Outreach Program 

Opportunity Pathway is an IU East outreach program that makes available surplus computer systems to disadvantaged students for a nominal fee. By launching the Opportunity Pathway, IU East recognizes that technology accessibility continues to be a key divider for social and economic status. Affordable access to the technology is a vital element in preparing students for successful advanced learning.

Each year, Information Technology Services is committed to put aside a minimum of twelve (12) surplus computers towards this purpose. These machines are approximately three years old and have outlived their duty cycles. They were originally purchased with Student Technology Fee funds, thus, are appropriately targeted machines for this purpose. The computers will be distributed to the targeted students through a collaborative effort between Information Technology and Student Support Services.


All students participating in the Student Support Services program are eligible to apply for the equipment. The Student Support Services program helps first-generation, low-income, and disabled students adjust to and succeed in college by providing comprehensive academic assistance and social advice. This program is clearly targeted at disadvantaged, low-income, and at-risks students.

Administration Process

  1. The program will run once a year in the fall semester.
  2. Information Technology will transfer equipment to Student Support Services, who will take ownership of the equipment. Prior to transferring the equipment, Information Technology will prepare the equipment for disposal following university guidelines.
  3. Student Support Services will announce the application and selection process at the beginning of the fall semester.
  4. Student Support Services will select and announce the award recipients.
  5. There will be a purchase fee of $25.00 + tax, which will be paid through the IUE Bursar Office.
  6. The proceeds from the sale will be re-deposited into Student Technology Fee account.
  7. The machines will be ready for pickup immediately after the award announcement.

Important Dates

  • Program Announcement: September 1
  • Application Deadline: October 30
  • Award Announcement: November 15 
  • Computers not picked up within 90 days of date on award letter will be forfeited.

For more information, visit Student Support Services in Whitewater Hall 110 (765-973-8310).

Please send your comments to Information Technology Services.