Information Technology

Print & Copy Management: F.A.Q.'s

How many pages am I allotted?

Your allotment is based on the number of credit hours you are enrolled in for the current semester. Students registered for 1-3 credit hours will receive $6.50 and those enrolled in 4 or more will receive $26.00 allotment.

How many pages have I used this semester?

To determine how many pages you have used, or how many pages you have left in your allotment, open up a web browser and enter the address

How is my free allotment paid for?

Printing funding has always been paid for out of the Student Technology Fee.

How is the allotment determined?

The allotment is standard throughout the university.  The allotment amount is reviewed each year.  If you have questions/concerns about the printing allotment please contact the IT Helpdesk (

Can I use the allotment for both printing and copying?

Yes.  The allotment can be used for both printing and copying.   The charge is the same for both printing and copying. Black pages cost 4 cents per page, 7 cents duplex, and color costs 25 cents per page, 49 cents duplex. 

What happens to my unused pages?

Unused semester allotments, up to $12.00 per semester, will be rolled-over during the academic year (fall semester to fall semester). At the start of each academic year, allotments will be reset. This does not include any additional allotment purchased by the student. Any additional allotment purchased by the student remains on the student account until depleted.  No refund will be given at the end of summer semester for unused allotments.

What if I used up all my free allotment but need to print or copy more?

You may purchase additional allotment at

What if the printer/copier was jammed or the printout was unreadable, can I get credit for it?

Just bring the printout to IT Help Desk at Hayes Hall 169. Your account will be credited promptly.


Have additional questions about print and copy management?

Email the IT Help Desk.