Information Technology

Safeword Cards

Implementing Safeword Technology at IU East: Purpose, Policy, and Procedure


SafeWord technology provides a security and user authorization system that will enable users to access sensitive data and transactions over an unsecured network.


University Information Technology Services will supply the SafeWord cards to the IU East Information Technology Department (IT) at a cost of $90.00 each. The IT Department will provide training and support.


  1. The IU East IT Department will procure, provide, issue, and otherwise manage Safeword cards for the campus.
  2. The IU East IT Department will obtain signed user agreements, train users, provide continuing support, and maintain records for the use of SafeWord cards on the campus.
  3. If a SafeWord pin number is forgotten by a user, the user will come to IT, fill out a form certifying that the SafeWord pin number was forgotten. A copy of the form will be sent to the user’s department. If three instances occur within 12 months for the same user, the user will be help responsible for a processing fee of $25 and IT will inform the users department head.
  4. If the SafeWord card is lost, the user will be help responsible for a fee of $90.00 to replace the SafeWord card with a new SafeWord card and IT will inform their department head.