Leads Program

IU East Leads Program

Learning takes places in many different ways. You expect it to occur in your courses but do you also know that your participation in activities outside of the classroom can be rich learning experiences as well?  Combined, the curricular and co-curricular experiences in which you participate are all contributing to your educational growth.

The Leads Program offers a way to help you document your participation in many of the great experiences offered by IU East. Through this program, you will produce evidence of learning that has occurred through a wide variety of in-class and out-of-class opportunities.

The high impact practices in which you participate as an IU East student can help you if you are pursuing your next level of education or if you are applying for your first professional job. Leadership skills, initiative and motivation are just a few of the qualities that are highly desired and the Leads Program can help you showcase these achievements.

Upon graduation, you will be awarded a notation on your transcript that signifies the highest level of participation that you have achieved.

Learn more about the Leads Levels that can be acheived: