Leads Program

Frequently Asked Questions

When Does the Leads Program Begin?
The Leads Program kicked-off in Fall 2014. Experiences that you completed in the Fall 2014 semester or more recently may qualify.
If I complete one of the Leads experiences, will I automatically receive Leads credit?
No. You will need to tell us about your experience and what you learned. Contact Danielle Nuss () for the Leads Activity form and send it to your instructor, supervisor or mentor for final verification. It will be your responsibility to get the completed form to Danielle Nuss so that it can be recorded and added to your file.
Can I get Leads credit for being in a club?
You cannot get credit for being a member of a campus club, but you can receive credit if you have an active role as an officer of one of the IU East clubs. The Director of Campus Life will verify whether your contributions as an officer in a student club is sufficient to quality for Leads credit.
How will my Leads participation get on my transcript?
When you graduate you will automatically receive a transcript notation indicating the highest Leads level that you completed. For example, if you have completed the Dean Level and have done some (but not all) of the experiences of the Chancellor Level, you will be awarded the Dean Level transcript notation.
Can I do the same Leads Activity more than once?
We want you to participate in many different experiences while you are a student at IU East. Duplicate experiences generally will only count once towards Leads credit. However, different experiences in the same category may each count. For example, if you participate in a study abroad trip to France and a different study abroad trip to Belize, each of those can be counted as Leads activities. If you have any questions about what "counts", please seek guidance from Mary Blakefield, Dean of Students ( or 765-973-8522).
I have completed similar Leads activities at a different institution. Will I be able to get credit for these?
Transfer students are welcome and encouraged to join the Leads Program. However, only activities completed at IU East will count toward Leads credit.
I am a senior. Is it too late for me to participate in the Leads Program.
No, it is not too late for you. While it will be difficult for you to achieve the highest Leads level, if you are highly engaged on campus, you can possibly earn a Leads transcript notation.
I am an online student. Will I be able to participate in the Leads Program?
Yes! The Leads Program is open to all students. You will need to work closely with your IU East advisor to select activities that can be completed at a distance.