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Poster & Large-Format Printing

The library provides a large format printing service for IU East students, faculty and staff. Posters, banners and other wide-format publications (up to 44" wide with max. resolution 2880 x 1440 dpi).are printed with an Epson 9800 Color Plotter. The cost per poster is calculated based on the length (linear foot). The maximum length per poster is 8 ft. For 2010, the fee is:

Matte paper: $6.00 per foot

Glossy paper: $9.00 per foot

You have the choice of matte or glossy paper.

Submit your finished work in electronic format (flash drive or email) to Matt Dilworth. All large-format printing requires 2 business days’ turnaround time.  Larger orders may require more time. Please consult with Matt before submitting a request for more than 2 posters per order.

Please fill out and attach this form with your order: 2010 Plotter Project Request Form

Payment is accepted in the form of cash, check, or credit card.  Students, staff and faculty must submit payment at the Bursar's office and obtain a receipt. The Office hours for IU East Bursar's Office are Monday-Thursday 8am-7pm and Friday 8am-5pm. The printing will be started when the pink receipt from the Bursar is brought to the library. For IU East departments, payment can be billed to an authorized  departmental account.

Tips for Preparing Posters and Banners


When preparing a poster or banner, be sure to design it at the size you want to print it. If you design an 8.5" x 11" document, it will not look as good at 22" x 30".

Microsoft Publisher for Posters and Banners


Microsoft Publisher 2003 is a program that is best supported by our printer for designing posters. It has a set of poster and banner templates. However, you may also create your own. To create your own, create a new publication (select “New” under “File”). Under the “File” menu, select “Page Setup”. Under “Publication Type”, select “Custom”. Set the page size before adding any data, images, or text. One of the two dimensions can not exceed 44" as that is the width of the paper.

Note that in Publisher 2003 when you preview a large banner or a poster sized publication by using the Print Preview feature on your computer, graphics on the page may appear to be cutoff and cropped. Additionally, the page may appear as a single 8.5 inch by 11 inch sheet in the preview. This does not affect the way that the publication prints from the large format printer. The publication will print as expected.

Presentation Poster with PowerPoint


PowerPoint is a popular choice for posters. However, PowerPoint has a maximum page size of 56” (width or height). Therefore, if you are trying to create larger posters (bigger than the max. page size), you may want to consider Microsoft Publisher instead.

Set the page size (select “Page Setup” under “File”) before adding any data, images, or text.

Avoid the use of special fonts, if possible. A minimum font size of 24 points is recommended for general text. 18-point is fine for references and acknowledgements.

Other Supported Programs


We also can print documents created in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Pagemaker, and Adobe Acrobat PDF documents if they are created with the correct specifications for color separation and high-resolution imagesetting. Standalone image files (JPEG, GIF, etc.) can also be printed. 

Programs that are not designed for large-scale printing, such as Microsoft Word, are not supported.



The library expects that users will have taken the appropriate steps to obtain copyright permissions for using images and materials that they have not designed themselves.  Title 17 of the U.S. Code governs the use of copyrighted materials.  The patron assumes liability for any infringement.


Send your comments and questions to Matt Dilworth.

Order form: 2010 Plotter Project Request Form