Communications & Marketing

Visual Identity

The name "Visual Identity" is a blanket term that covers everything from letterhead and business cards to web standards and powerpoint templates. If it's officially from IU and it's accessible to the public, these guidelines apply to it.

Signatures & Logos

All official university letterhead and other official document media must be on official IU East letterhead, bearing the IU campus signature and logo. A department may elect to either use generic IU East letterhead, or they may elect to pay for customized departmental letterhead.

University Seal

The seal is only to be used for official top-level communication. This is contrary to our previous more less regulated usage of the seal.


There are certain color palettes which are recognized as quasi-official colors. These colors should be present wherever possible, and are important in creating a unified identity.

Pantone CMYK Web (Hex Set) Web (Decimal)
IU Crimson 201    C0 M100 Y63 K29 # 7D110C    R-125, G-17, B-12
IU Cream 9161    C7 M9 Y20 K0 # F8F3D2    R-248, G-243, B-210
Dark Gray 424    C0 M0 Y0 K70 # 6D6E70    R-109, G-110, B-112
Light Gray 428    C0 M0 Y0 K25 # B0B2B4    R-176, G-178, B-180



When releasing any document that includes text copy, the document must adhere to our style guidelines with respect to font selection.