Communications & Marketing

We Think So Your Users Don't Have To

The Web Team is responsible for the general behind-the-scenes maintenance of this Web site. Although they will occasionally make corrections to errors in the content, their primary function is to create the framework for content so that the departments themselves can maintain it. The most recent revisioning took place in late May 2008.

They also provide web application solutions for online collaboration and interaction. There are frequently multiple projects going on at once, so if you have a project in mind, it would be best to contact them A.S.A.P. to get queued up.

Solutions Available

Have an idea for putting something new up on the web but not sure what to use? Do you have an information storage system that is becoming cumbersome or breaking? We offer and support these solutions (and others, by request):

  • Generic web forms (such as surveys or feedback forms) with email and/or file submissions
  • Data collection, storage, and reporting for archival or statistical needs
  • Blogging software (We have been using WordPress, with much success)
  • Promotional Web sites to work in tandem with a paper-media promotional initiative
  • Wiki software (MediaWiki, the same that Wikipedia uses) for collaborative projects
  • Porting from legacy databases (i.e. Access) to more robust solutions (MySQL / T-SQL)

Technology Used

We predominantly use PHP for developing applications and dynamically managed sites, but support ASP.NET (C#) as well. We provide backend database support on both MySQL and T-SQL. All sites are tested in Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer (7, 8, & 9). The web team advocates the usage of browsers that are more standards-compliant, such as Firefox, Safari, Chrome or Opera. (There are actually some usability features you may be missing out on by using a less standards-compliant browser)