Student Research Day awards

Student Research Day awards

Student Research Day featured the work of students at Indiana University East on April 6. The presentations included independent scholarship from courses, independent studies, summer research programs, Honors Program projects and creative endeavors.

Award winners received $200 for first place, $150 for second and $100 for third. Winners this year were:

Oral Presenter Awards

  • First Place Tie: Hannah Buehner, Connersville, Indiana, and Katie Elsmore, Fishers, Indiana
  • Second Place: Sara Acton, New, Castle, indiana
  • Third Place Tie: Zach Catron, Richmond, Indiana, and Aubrey Stomberg, Richmond, Indiana
  • Fourth Place: Sara Baxter, Richmond, Indiana

Poster Presenter Awards

  • First Place: Umer Khan, Richmond, Indiana
  • Second Place: Rachel Bertram, Greenville, Ohio
  • Third Place Tie: Brittany Lampke, Muncie, Indiana, and Seth Winstead, Connersville, Indiana

Student Research Day Presenters
Poster Presentations

  • Rachel Bertram, Greenville, Ohio: “Societal Stigma, Power, and Schizophrenia: Reduction Strategies”
  • Karli Hall, Rushville, Indiana: “Single-Sex Schools: Hosts of Discriminatory Environments”
  • Eric Josephson, Brownsville, Indiana: “A Case Study for Counterurbanization in the Midwest”
  • Umer Khan, Richmond, Indiana: “Induction of ALDH1A1 in Ovarian Cancer Cells leads to Chemoresistance”
  • Brittany Lampke, Muncie, Indiana: “Adoption and Stigma”
  • Amanda Mittenthal, Richmond, Indiana: “We’re All Human”
  • Seth Winstead, Connersville, Indiana: “Life Out of Balance: An Anthropological Examination of our Biocultural Discordance”

Oral Presentations

  • Sarah Acton, New Castle, Indiana: “Healthcare in Puerto Rico”
  • Sara Baxter, Richmond, Indiana: “Sex, Politics and Poetry: A Reading with Commentary on Writing Poems”
  • Christina Brandenburg, New Richmond, Wisconsin: “Commercial and Personal Agriculture in Puerto Rico”
  • Logan Beeson, Richmond, Indiana: “Lifestyle of Puerto Rico”
  • Hannah Buehner, Connersville, Indiana: “Invasive Species of Puerto Rico”
  • Sandra Calderon, Richmond, Indiana: “An Overlooked Mexican Feminist”
  • Zach Catron, Richmond, Indiana: “Lever Pulling in Moral Dilemma Decision Making”
  • Welby Thomas Cox, Jr., Richmond, Indiana: “She Would Be King”
  • Amy Coyle, Centerville, Indiana: “Using Effective Communication Practices to Boost Employee Retention Rates”
  • Madison Day, Winchester, Indiana: “The Food of Puerto Rico”
  • Katie Elsmore, Fishers, Indiana: “Predicting Student Success in Online Learning Environments: Combining Currently Available Measurement Tools to Improve Accuracy”
  • Lillian Harrist, Richmond, Indiana: “Addressing Deception in Online Dating”
  • Carlee Breanne McCulloch, Laurel, Indiana: “The Daily Puerto Rican Diet”
  • Maria McKinney, Pendleton, Indiana: “So, who really are the Puerto Ricans?”
  • Marybell Molina, New Castle, Indiana: “The Cats of Old San Juan”
  • Kaylyn Mundt, Richmond, Indiana: “What It Means to be a Woman in Puerto Rico”
  • Tessa Rhodus, New Paris, Ohio: “You are what you drink: A Look at the Coffee Industry in Puerto Rico”
  • Nathan Rose, Bradford, Ohio: “People Use More Vigor to Push Unattractive Faces Away and Pull Attractive Face Towards Themselves”
  • Madison Schlamb, Greenville, Ohio: “Alexa Losses Her Voice”
  • Lucas Smart, Eaton, Ohio: “Manual on Team Efforts in a Clinical Setting”
  • Aubrey Stomberg, Richmond, Indiana: “The Harsh Reality of Death”
  • Carissa Wright, Fountain City, Indiana: “Got Drugs”

Summer Research Scholars Presentations

  • Stephanie Beckner, Richmond, Indiana: “Stateside”
  • Cassidy Clouse, Richmond, Indiana: “Motivating Self-Referenced Approach and Avoidance Movements with Emotional Images”
  • Breanna Nowak, Richmond, Indiana: “Examining the Effects of Lindane on Gene Expression in Fruit Flies”
  • Gregg Sells, Brookville, Indiana: “Fear and Trembling, Indiana”
  • Westley Smith, Richmond, Indiana: “High Open”
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