2021 Paul and Pat Lingle Scholars are Richmond, Northeastern graduates

Jamie Andrews of Fountain City, Indiana, and Alison Juday of Richmond, Indiana, are the 2021 recipients of the Paul and Pat Lingle Scholars Program. The scholarship award will continue throughout their pursuit of a four-year degree at Indiana University East.

Both are members of IU East’s incoming freshmen Class of 2025.

Portrait of Jamie Andrews

Jamie Andrews

Andrews is an exploratory major in her first year at IU East.

“Receiving this award means a lot to me because it will allow me to worry about my academics more and less about paying off my loan. I know that I will also be able to push myself more to do better in my classes so that I can succeed and actually keep the award,” Andrews said.

Andrews chose IU East because the campus is close to her home and offers an affordable IU degree.

“I also like that it is a smaller college so I am able to get more one-on-one time with my professors if need be,” Andrews said. “I chose to be an exploratory major because it will allow me to test out several different classes to see which peek my interest the most before deciding which field I actually want to pursue. It also will allow me to get my pre-requisites done with before I have to choose what I want to do for the rest of my life. Since I am an exploratory major I am not quite sure what I am hoping to do after I graduate, but that is the beauty of being in exploratory; I don’t have to plan my life right away.”

While in high school at Northeastern Andrews was a member of the women’s basketball team and the track and field team. She was part of the marching band, jazz band, and concert band, and she was a member of the National Honors Society and the Gay Straight Alliance (GSA).

Andrews also works for the Campus Bookstore at IU East.

When the phone call came for Juday that she was going to be a Lingle Scholar, she almost didn’t answer her phone.

Portrait of Alison Juday

Alison Juday

Now into her first semester, the biology major and member of the Red Wolves volleyball team is glad she answered.

“To me, receiving the Lingle Scholar Award means that I have challenged myself to take rigorous classes in high school to push myself to be better in school so that I would be able to succeed even more in college and life,” Juday said.

Juday is a second-generation IU East student. Both of her parents received their business degrees with concentrations in accounting from IU East. Her mother, Stephanie Juday, is a 1997 graduate, and her father, Matt Juday, is a 2013 graduate.

Located in her hometown, IU East appealed to Juday just as it did to Andrews. It’s located right here in Richmond and offers a high-quality IU degree at an affordable cost.

Her experience at Richmond High School led to her decision to pursue a biology degree. Juday said she really enjoyed learning about science. She hopes to go to medical school and to one day become a psychiatrist.

While at RHS, Juday was a member of the volleyball team and softball team. She was also a member of the Science Academic Team.

The Paul and Pat Lingle Scholars Program award is given to two students who have been accepted into the IU East Honors Program, an academic program that provides an intellectually enriching curriculum for highly motivated students. Recipients receive a four-year scholarship, provided by the Lingles.

The Lingle Scholars program was established in 2005 and formally endowed in 2018. The program has assisted 16 students achieve their goal of earning a bachelor’s degree, including the most recent graduates from the program, Destiny Maitlen of Centerville and Mackenzie Spurrier of Richmond. This year Andrews and Juday join Vincent Narcisse of Richmond, Sidne Thompson of Centerville, Sam Roberts of Centerville, Noah Fox of Richmond and Alexia Mills of Richmond as Paul & Pat Lingle Scholars at IU East.