2022 Paul and Pat Lingle Scholars are Lincoln, Northeastern graduates

October 4, 2022 |

The 2022 recipients of the Paul and Pat Lingle Scholars Program are Alex Bertsch of Cambridge City, Indiana, and Liz Stubblefield of Lynn, Indiana. The scholarship award continues throughout their pursuit of a four-year degree at Indiana University East.

Bertsch and Stubblefield are members of IU East’s incoming freshmen Class of 2026.

Alex Bertsch

Bertsch is an informatics major. Stubblefield is an exploratory major.

As Lingle Scholars, both are in the Honors Program, which offers students a world-class educational experience from outstanding teachers to academically accomplished students in support of their optimal attainment of personal, educational and professional goals.

Bertsch works part-time for No.9 Grill in Cambridge City while completing his studies, and he is a member of the Red Wolves track and field team.

A graduate of Lincoln High School in Cambridge City, Bertch was a student-athlete and member of the basketball, track, and cross country teams. Academically, he was a three-year member of Business Professionals of America (BPA) and the National Honor Society.

As a recipient of the scholarship, Bertsch said it is an honor because it is a reinforcement for his the effort he has put toward his goals.

“It means a lot to me because I have always looked up to successful people, and being selected for this scholarship means I must be doing something right. To have shown Paul and Pat Lingle that I am deserving enough for it,” Bertsch said.

Liz Stubblefield

As a Wayne County resident, Bertsch is familiar with IU East. His mother and sister are IU East alumnae. First his mother received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2008 and then Olivia Bertsch earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in 2020.

After reading about information on the Lingle Scholars program in an IU East email, he decided to apply for the scholarship.

“I chose to attend IU East because it is close to home, I will be getting an IU degree for a fraction of the price, and I get to run track for the college,” he said.

Informatics is a degree program that involves the practice of information processing and the engineering of information systems. In short, it is information technology applied to human problems.

After he completes his degree, Bertsch hopes to pursue a career as a software engineer or a data analyst and work for a large scale company, he said.

Paul and Pat Lingle

“I chose to major in informatics because technology has always been something that has sparked my interest and I’d like to think that I am pretty good at using it. Working with computers is something that I like to do, and of course I like the business aspect of it. Also, informatics degrees can lead to some great career paths.”

Stubblefield said receiving the Lingle Scholar Award means the world to her.

“I am truly grateful that Paul and Pat Lingle have helped take some of the financial burden away from attending college,” Stubblefield said. “It is a true honor to be chosen to represent the Lingle Scholars Program and it is my hope that I can give back to my community just as Paul and Pat have given back to theirs. By receiving this award, I will be able to focus more on my education and figure out how exactly I can help my community.”

During her senior year at Northeastern High School, Stubblefield learned about the scholarship opportunity through the billboards celebrating the 2021 Lingle Scholars Program award recipients.

“I thought of it to be an honor to be a Lingle Scholar, not knowing that I would become one a year later,” Stubblefield said.

While in high school she was the sentinel for the Future Farmers of America (FFA), secretary of the Spanish Club, junior and senior class officer, a member of the National Honor Society, the English Academic Team, and the Student Council member, and a volunteer at the Northeastern Elementary Library.

Liz Stubblefield and Alex Bertsch are the 2022 Lingle Scholars.

Stubblefield is the first in her family to attend IU East. “I chose to attend IU East simply because of its affordability and location. I really like that at IU East I can receive a top tier education and an Indiana University diploma, while still being close to home,” Stubblefield said.

For students who have not yet decided what they want to major in, the exploratory major allows them to determine their best future path.

“I chose to major in exploratory studies because as of right now, I do not have a specific area in mind that I want to study,” Stubblefield said. “Being an exploratory major will allow me to learn about and experience many different fields. Which will hopefully help me in deciding what specific field I want to pursue in the future.”

Currently, Stubblefield feels her path could lead to two potential careers, though she’s open to other prospects.

“Although I am not quite set on a specific field after graduation, I am really looking toward something science or criminal justice related. However, with being an exploratory major the possibilities are endless.

The Paul and Pat Lingle Scholars Program award is given to two students who have been accepted into the IU East Honors Program, an academic program that provides an intellectually enriching curriculum for highly motivated students. Recipients receive a four-year scholarship, provided by the Lingles.

“Pat and I are extremely proud to have Liz and Alex join our other Lingle Scholars,” Paul Lingle said. “It is extremely exciting to talk with young people that not only excel academically but are actively involved in all phases of their educational experience and being active contributors to the communities they represent.”

About the Paul and Pat Lingle Scholars Program
The Lingle Scholars program was established in 2005 and formally endowed in 2018. The program has assisted 17 students achieve their goal of earning a bachelor’s degree, including the most recent graduates from the program, Noah Fox of Richmond, Destiny Maitlen of Centerville and Mackenzie Spurrier of Richmond. This year Bertsch and Stubblefield join Jamie Andrews of Fountain City, Alison Juday of Richmond, Vincent Narcisse of Richmond, Sidne Thompson of Centerville, Sam Roberts of Centerville, and Alexia Mills of Richmond as Paul & Pat Lingle Scholars at IU East.