Biotechnology professor studies genes that cause aging

Kimberly Greer, assistant professor of biotechnology, is researching canine hereditary disease and aging/longevity and connecting the research to the human genes that could help people to live longer, healthier lives.kimgreervideo2

Greer has been drawn to research in the laboratory that could help explain why smaller canine breeds may outlive their larger canine peers.

“We also see the differences in populations of people. Some populations of people live a lot longer than other populations of people and so finding the genes that allow them to do that has intrigued me,” Greer said.

A recent video has been released on the IU East YouTube website featuring Greer’s academic research. In the video, Greer discusses her research and the valuable experience students can gain working side-by-side with faculty in the laboratory.

“The things that we learn and apply help people have much healthier lives,” Greer said.

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