Free Throw-athon connects Red Wolves with community

In a school year filled with obstacles, the Indiana University East women’s basketball team found a way to make a difference by raising over $1,800 for Reid BRAvo!.

basketball players lined around the free throw lane in pink t-shirts one player shooting the ball

Freshman guard Caitlin McEldowney shoots a free throw. The women’s basketball team raised over $1,800 with its inaugural Free Throw-athon on February 26 at Lingle Court. McEldowney, of Versailles, Ohio, made 95 of 100 free throws.

The inaugural IU East Women’s Basketball Free Throw-athon took place February 26 at Lingle Court. The Free Throw-athon supported Reid BRAvo! BRAvo! is a Reid Foundation initiative that brings joy to the serious matter of breast cancer. BRAvo! events raise funds to provide free digital mammograms for uninsured women and financial assistance for patients in need.

Official contributions to the Free Throw-athon totaled $1,826 as of March 3.

“We wanted to do something, because it is important for us to stay involved and because we have players who have been affected by this in some way or another,” said IU East Coach Tiffani Selhorst. “This is something that is near and dear to my heart as well, so we wanted to do something and be sure we did something that had a direct benefit for the community.”

Each IU East player shot 100 free throws, with sponsor donations based on free throws made. The event was streamed live on Stretch Internet. Student broadcaster Travis Lang, a communications major at IU East, provided commentary for the Free Throw-athon. Lang is from Liberty, Indiana.

The Free Throw-athon gave the Red Wolves a chance to take part in a difference-making basketball event despite COVID-related developments that made it unfeasible for the team to play games in the second half of the season.

“I’m glad we were able to to have something where we could raise money and still play basketball even without playing games,” said IU East junior Addie Brown. “Having a relative and family friend who battled breast cancer, this event means a lot to me.”

basketball players lined around the free throw lane in pink t-shirts one player shooting the ball

Junior guard Aliyssa Neal of Morgantown, West Virginia, participates in the inaugural Red Wolves Free Throw-athon on February 26.

Brown helped to organize the free throw-athon. She a communications major from Oxford, Ohio. Brown works with the Office of External Affairs on the university’s social media. Jeremy Dickenson of Centerville, Indiana, created the graphics for the Free Throw-athon. He is a fine arts major with a graphic design concentration, and he also works for External Affairs.

It’s not too late to contribute to the cause.

Free Throw-athon donations can be made directly to ReidBRAvo! at Please make your donation on behalf of the IU East Women’s Basketball Free Throw-athon. Click the “Other” tab to donate a specific amount.

Donate a dollar amount based a Red Wolf player’s free throws made. For example, if your Red Wolf player made 90 free throws and you have pledged 10 cents per made free throw, you would make a donation of $9 to ReidBRAvo! Or, consider a donation of $3.41 in recognition of the IU East women’s basketball program’s team GPA from the 2020 fall semester. Any donation makes a difference.

Results from the Free Throw-athon are below.

  • Tia Tolbert – 89 for 100
  • Caitlin McEldowney – 95 for 100
  • Paige Gregory – 85 for 100
  • Megan Harlow – 79 for 100
  • Addie Brown – 93 for 100
  • Kennedy Griffin – 94 for 100
  • Bree Bransford – 84 for 100
  • Tori Campbell – 88 for 100
  • Kami McEldowney – 90 for 100
  • Aliyssa Neal – 92 for 100