IU East announces Whitewater Valley Art Competition awards

Indiana University East announced the inclusions for exhibit of the Whitewater Valley Annual Art Competition during an artists’ reception held October 28. The 31st Annual Whitewater Art Competition was held October 3 at IU East.

This year’s competition was juried by Corin Hewitt, an artist-in-residence, an adjunct instructor, a visiting lecturer and nationally-known critic.

From the hundreds of anticipated entries, 54 were selected for the exhibit on display now through December 14, 2009.

The competition accepts entries from artists throughout a 300-mile radius around Richmond.

For more information on the show, call Ed Thornburg, gallery curator, at (765) 973-8605.

The following entries received Top Ten awards and are in the exhibit:

R. Paulette Lancaster, Carmel, Ind. – “Max,” Mixed Fabric, Quilted

David Cunningham, Indianapolis – “The Warrior,” Oil on Panel

Pamela de Marris, Muncie, Ind. – “Bedroom,” Photo from Negative

Braydee Euliss, Muncie, Ind. – “Fruit Cart,” Mixed

Lois Gesell, Liberty, Ind. – “Cows in the Pasture,” Oil on Canvas

Kraig Goddard, Muncie, Ind. – “The Unidurst,” Mixed

Annie Kilborn, Yorktown, Ind. – “Time Evolution,” Sterling Silver Bracelet and Necklace

Summer Martinez, Richmond, Ind. – “Walking Through Life into Death,” Ink on Paper

Jerry Thompson, Richmond, Ind. – “Canoe Tree,” Acrylic on Canvas

Ann Kim, Dayton, Ohio – “The Spectacle (Topsy),” Watercolor on Paper

The following entries were selected for the exhibit:

Chris Griffin-Woods, Carmel, Ind. – “Sketcher & Watcher,” Oil on Canvas

R. Paulette Lancaster, Carmel, Ind. – “Modigliani’s Friends, The Lipchitz,” Mixed Fabric, Quilted
Mark Gardner, Centerville, Ind. – “Untitled,” Ink on Board

Andrew McCauley, Fishers, Ind. – “Woman Magistrate in Publicity Stunt,” Watercolor, Ink on Paper

James Pierce, Hagerstown, Ind. – “The Old Mill,” Acrylic on Canvas

Mary Ann Davis, Indianapolis – “Forgotten Barn,” Oil on Canvas

Evan Bryson, Liberty, Ind. – “Pillow Talk Two,” Mixed

Rebecca Fallat, Liberty, Ind. -“Couch Kitty,” Acrylic on Canvas
Lois Gesell, Liberty, Ind. – “Woods in the Fog,” Oil on Canvas

Scott Anderson, Muncie, Ind. – “Party Animal,” Acrylic on Panel and “Fruits of Disaster,” Oil on Canvas

Fred Bower, Muncie, Ind. – “Positive Environment, Cloudy Day,” Color Photo

Pamela de Marris, Muncie, Ind. – “Catocala Man 1,” Silver Print

Terry Flores, Muncie, Ind. – “Cold J (Git it Girl),” Oil on Canvas

David Foley, Muncie, Ind. – “Minstel,” Oil on Board

Kraig Goddard, Muncie, Ind. – “Clown Luv, Nina,” Oil on Panel

David Hannon, Muncie, Ind. – “Getaway,” Oil on Canvas

Kathleen Ryan, Muncie, Ind. – “Stitched,” Mixed

W. Joseph Zach, Muncie, Ind. – “Salome,” Mixed

Jama Bailey, New Castle, Ind. – “Maya Angelou, Our Poetess,” Stoneware

Walt Bistline, Richmond, Ind. – “Indiana Dunes Fence,” Digital Photo

Rex Godfrey, Richmond, Ind. – “Cousin Hairy with a Wasp,” Carved Catalpa Wood

Jim Hair, Richmond, Ind. – “Ruby,” Giclee Print from Silver Negative and “M & T,” Giclee Print from Silver Negative

Mia Herring, Richmond, Ind. – “Anna in the Wild,” Oil on Linen  

Lynn Johnstone, Richmond, Ind. – “Key West Shrimp Fleet,” and Acrylic on Panel

Benny Kenworthy, Richmond, Ind. – “Non-Stop Depot,” Acrylic on Canvas

Virgil Looney, Richmond, Ind. “Crossroads,” Nikon Photo

Georgia McCulloch, Richmond, Ind. – “Life,” Mixed

Sydney Sogol, Richmond, Ind. – “Diamond Eclipse,” Hand-dyed Wool

Jerry Thompson, Richmond, Ind. – “Martian Summer,” Acrylic on Canvas

Mark Van Buskirk, Richmond, Ind. – “Pitbulls,” Oil on Linen

Shirley Wise, Richmond, Ind. – “Blossoms & Beads,” Manipulated Fabric

Micah Wood, Richmond, Ind. – “Heavy Thoughts,” Gouache on Paper

Doris Phelps, Williamsburg, Ind. – “Point / Counterpoint,” Monoprint

Jack Phelps, Williamsburg, Ind. -“Herd Bull,” Intaglio

Ashley Hufnagle, Winchester, Ind. – “Baby in Wheat Field,” Watercolor on Paper and “Brown Pot,” Stoneware

Fred Niles, Dayton, Ohio – “Portage Lake, December,” Photo

Ann Kim, Dayton, Ohio – “Spectacle Series 2, No. 2,” Mixed on Paper
C. Pat McClelland, Kettering, Ohio – “The Plasticity of History,” Mixed Relief

Amy Mitchell, Eaton, Ohio – “Brokenness,” Panels, Oil on Mirror and “Good Dog,” Oil on Canvas

Jack Earley, Loveland, Ohio – “Learning,” Acrylic on Unstretched Canvas