IU East degree great prep for McKinney Scholarship winner

An Indiana University East graduate is the fourth alumni in three years to receive a scholarship from the Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law.

portrait of Ryan Ashlock in front of a brick wall

IU East 2020 alumnus Ryan Ashlock received an IU Regional Law Scholar Award. He will attend Indiana University McKinney School of Law beginning this July.

Timothy (Ryan) Ashlock, a 2020 graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, is a recipient of the Indiana University Regional Law Scholar for the 2021-2022 academic year. He is one of three individuals to receive the scholarship. He plans to attend part-time while continuing to work full-time as he has for the past 13 years for the Clinton County Sheriff’s Department. “I’m very excited,” he said of the scholarship.

Ashlock, a native of Frankfort, came to IU East in January 2019, attracted by the flexibility of its online program. Taking more than the minimum full-time hours online and continuing to work full-time, he still maintained a perfect 4.0 GPA. “I took as many credit hours as I could,” he said.

His current position with the sheriff’s department is as lieutenant over the patrol division. He has also worked in corrections and as a canine handler. He intends to maintain a rigorous schedule as he starts law school by working full-time, taking part-time night classes and still managing some family time with his wife and two young sons.

He will start classes at McKinney on July 12, expecting to graduate in 2024 or 2025 depending on how things go.

“It’s rigorous, from my understanding,” Ashlock said. “You actually cannot work full time and go to law school full time, which is why I will be a part-time student. The part-time program is an evening program, Monday through Friday, two or three hours an evening. It will make for long days.”

Just as he did when choosing IU East for his 2020 degree, he researched law schools and settled on McKinney as the best choice. “IU McKinney offered the best experience,” he said. Ashlock obtained his associate degree in criminal justice from IU Kokomo in 2007, resuming college when he came to IU East in 2019.

He found other online options to seek his degree but found IU East offered great accessibility and “created an environment that allowed for a balance of work, family life and academic success.”

Attending law school is something he has wanted to do at least since high school. “In 2018, I made the decision to pursue a bachelor of science and then a law degree. I’ve always aspired to go to law school.”

family photo of Ryan Ashlock holding his infant son, Rhys, and standing next to Spencer

Ryan Ashlock with his sons, Rhys Ashlock and Spencer Ashlock (oldest).
Ashlock received a B.S. in Criminal Justice from IU East. He works for the Clinton County Sheriff’s Department and will continue full-time while beginning his Juris Doctor.

Ashlock said his IU East experience prepared him well for the next step.

“When I started, I was impressed with the level of preparedness the teachers had. Staff at IU East provided advice and direction that has greatly benefited me on my journey to law school,” Ashlock said.

IU East exceeded his expectations of online coursework. “The academic research skills I developed, and the personable and responsive staff, were very memorable. As a primarily online student, I did not have a traditional on campus experience, but the organization of course work and interactive staff provided an excellent educational experience.”

He said he is keeping an open mind about where the law degree will take him in the future. “There is such versatility to a law degree,” Ashlock said. “It offers opportunities in so many professions. I’m going to allow my experience at McKinney to direct my decision.”

Ashlock joins 2019 IU East alumna Cassidy Segura Clouse, New Castle, Indiana; Brianna (Parker) Rea, New Castle, Indiana; and Taylor Webster, Richmond, Indiana, to receive scholarships to attend McKinney. Segura Clouse received the Kennedy Law Scholar award and Webster and Rea received the IU Regional Law Scholar awards. Recent IU East alumni also attending McKinney School of Law include 2020 alumnus Austin McNew, Fountain City, Indiana, and Jordan Oliver of Indianapolis, B.S. ’18, Oliver received his Juris Doctor from McKinney this year.

The IU Regional Law Scholar award was established in 2016. The scholar award is offered to three recipients each year who have been accepted to the law school and nominated by their IU regional campus. The program offers a minimum of a renewable half-tuition scholarship, as well as guaranteed experiential learning opportunities or paid employment as a research assistant following completion of 31 law school credit hours.