IU East establishes $850,000 endowed Edwin Lewis Pike and Marilynn Craig Pike Scholarship

Marilynn C. Pike is remembered as a dedicated teacher who valued education and her students. Now her love for both will continue through a newly established endowed scholarship for students at Indiana University East.

Pike passed away in August 2021, but not before setting up an $850,000 bequest to IU East to establish the endowed scholarship. Now finalized, the scholarship will honor the memory of Pike and her husband, Edwin Lewis Pike, and their support of education.

The Edwin Lewis Pike and Marilynn Craig Pike Scholarship will be awarded annually to one or more students pursuing a degree at IU East. Students may be enrolled in any academic program and must be residents of the state of Indiana in need of financial aid.

The Pike Scholarship recipient(s) will be selected by a committee beginning this spring for the fall 2022 academic year.

As an endowed scholarship, the Pike Scholarship it will generate approximately $38,000 in annual scholarship support.

According to the IU Foundation, an endowed gift is invested and a portion of the principal’s earnings are used each year to support our mission. Endowments are created through gifts of cash, securities and other assets invested by the university. Typically, the principle of the endowment is untouched with awards made from a portion of the fund’s earnings, generally around 4.5%.

IU East awards scholarships to incoming and current undergraduate students to assist with tuition costs, textbooks, fees, internships, research or creative projects, and travel opportunities.

Each year IU East awards over 70 scholarships in varying amounts to on campus and online students in each of its 50 academic programs.

Information needed to share on costs, percentage of student receiving aid each year, first-generation students receiving aid and any other needed information to share broadly. Each year, IU East students on average have less than $8,000 in tuition costs. During the 2020-21 academic year 71% of degree seeking students at IU East received some sort of financial aid.

Chancellor Kathy Girten said scholarships are extremely important for students to achieve their academic goals.

“We are so grateful for Marilynn’s very generous gift endowing this new scholarship for students pursuing their degree at IU East,” Girten said.

Marilynn C. Pike was born in Richmond and resident for most of her life. She graduated from New Castle High School before going on to earn her bachelor’s degree in education from Indiana University. She then went on to Ball State University for her master’s degree in counseling.

Pike taught English at Test Middle School in her native hometown for over 30 years.

An anonymous, close friend and the executor of Pike’s trust said that she is dearly missed.

“She was one of those rare teachers who truly changed the lives of her students. Teaching was indeed a calling for her, not just a job. Past students often came to visit her – well into her 90s. She loved hearing about their lives now and the funny stories they would tell about things that happened while in her classroom. Marilynn and her husband were never blessed with children. She always said that this left her more time for her students. She was one of the most dignified, intelligent, caring and humble human beings that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I just thought you might enjoy knowing something about this remarkable (and generous) woman.”

Girten added the scholarship shows the connection between the campus and the community.

“As an IU alumnus and an educator, Marilynn related to our campus and its mission to provide a high-quality education for students in Wayne County,” Girten said. “A respected teacher and mentor in her profession, it is fitting that Marilynn would establish a gift that would continue to support her community long into the future by providing for countless students working toward their degree for years to come.”

Todd Duke, interim vice chancellor for External Affairs, said Pike’s passion for education is a legacy she will continue through planned giving.

“In the 30 years that Marilynn was a teacher, she prepared her lessons, planned for her students and what each day would bring, and worked to meet those goals. It was important to Marilynn to be the best educator she could be, and she valued a life of learning so much so that she wanted to see others meet their ambitions for a degree,” Duke said. “Marilynn’s foresight into continuing her passion for education and the legacy she built to care for others is evident through this gift.”

Paula Kay King, director of Gift Development, said IU East works closely with individuals who wish to establish or contribute to scholarships in support of students.

“Our students appreciate the support they receive through scholarships. Without the support of these gifts, students may not get to experience all of the opportunities available to them and we wouldn’t be able to continue to enhance our academic and extracurricular programs offered at IU East,” King said. “Contributions from donors is extremely valuable to providing for our students on so many levels. We couldn’t do this without the support of the community, and we are thankful for each gift.”

For information on how to contribute, contact Paula Kay King, director of Gift Development, at (765) 973-8331 or pkayking@iue.edu.