IU East School of Education graduates excel in state rating

Teachers with degrees from Indiana University East continue to excel in ratings released by the Indiana Department of Education, including a recent report that found 100 percent of graduates from the past three years were considered “effective” or “highly effective” by their principals in the 2018-2019 school year.

The ratings mean that IU East is producing some of the most effective teachers in the state, according to Jerry Wilde, Ph.D., dean of the School of Education. The rating is based on teacher performance in relation to the Indiana teacher evaluation system and considers effective instruction, purposeful planning and teacher leadership. The evaluation by the Indiana Department of Education examines teachers in their first, second and third-years on the job.

Before the recent rating listing 100 percent, the state had found 99.6 percent were effective or highly effective for the 2017-2018 school year. With 100 percent as “always the goal,” the recent rating marked the first time it has been achieved. The reports also shows an increasing percentage of IU East’s graduates listed as “highly effective” teachers, Wilde said, with the recent number of 41.2 percent almost double the previous report.

The great ratings are a testament to the hard work of students and faculty in the department.

“I work with the most dedicated group of professionals. They are extremely devoted to preparing the next generation of teachers,” Wilde said.

The Indiana Department of Education began releasing the reports in 2014-2015, with the numbers then reflecting information from the past three years. The rankings represent 68 teachers for 2018-19 to 90 in 2016-17.

Wilde says the schools’ goal is continued improvement, with the team seeking and taking seriously feedback from its K-12 partners and graduates.

“We want to always be trying to improve, so we use surveys and open forums to tell us what we need to do better,” Wilde said. “We also stay in close contact with our graduates. I love to ask ‘What didn’t we teach you that you wish you would have known?’ We listen to them.”

Because of a shortage of teachers, Wilde said that it is a great time to consider entering the field. IU East has over 400 graduates teaching in the region.

IU East’s School of Education offers a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education. The school also offers a Transition to Teaching program which supports qualified individuals who want to transition from a career outside of education into being a licensed teacher. At the graduate level, the school also offers a Master of Science in Education.

For more information, contact the IU East School of Education at (765) 973-8224 or visit iue.edu/education.