IU East statement on Radio Troy

Indiana University East is committed to diversity. We will not tolerate discrimination or harassment based on anyone’s actual or perceived race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin or political beliefs. We will not tolerate racism, bigotry, hate or intolerance. As a campus, we also continue to review our own efforts in diversity and inclusion to strive toward improving our community for all.

IU East does not condone or support any person or organization who acts contrary to these beliefs.

We are aware of the video posted by Troy and Suzanne Derengowski on the Radio Troy website. IU East does not share or support the views expressed in the video.

As the community is aware, Radio Troy is an independent broadcast with a primary focus on covering local high school and college sports.

IU East is not a sponsor of Radio Troy and does not have a formal relationship with the broadcast or its owners. The campus has not sponsored or had a formal relationship with the broadcast since the 2015-16 sports season. Unfortunately, the IU East logo was inaccurately included on the sponsorship listing on the broadcast company’s website, with many other local community sponsors past or present, and widely shared with a screen cap. IU East should not have been included in this listing which has now been removed from the Radio Troy webpage.

Moving forward, IU East welcomes questions and discussion on diversity and inclusion. We cannot continue to improve our community and move forward without an open, welcoming environment for dialogue on the issues or beliefs that seek to divide us.