IU East to offer sports management, coaching minors this fall

Indiana University East will offer two new minor degree programs beginning this fall. The Minor in Sports Coaching and the Minor in Sports Marketing and Management will be open to all students pursuing a bachelor’s degree.

IU East has experienced unprecedented growth since 2007, especially among students straight from high school. The increase in traditional students at IU East is bringing interest for programs that will increase their employability.

IU East expects students in the School of Education, the School of Business and Economics, as well as other four-year degree programs, to use the minor programs to compliment their four-year degree program.

A minor in coaching prepares interested students for a variety of roles in the coaching profession. The minor includes study of the physical, psychological, biological, and social elements of coaching athletes. In addition, courses include an in-depth study of the methods and strategies of coaching individual, dual, and team sports as well as or in addition to an application of these principles in an actual coaching setting. The principles studied could also be applied in a recreational program.

Students in the program will develop a clear philosophy of coaching that can be applied in a variety of settings; develop specific coaching skills in a minimum of two sports; have an understanding of physiological information related to coaching; develop training plans that are applicable in a variety of settings; and have a practicum in which they apply the philosophy and skills learned.

A minor in sports marketing and management prepares interested students for careers in the fields of sport business, management of sports, and sport marketing. This program is designed for students who want an introduction to working with sports organizations.

The sports marketing and management minor combines business courses with health and physical education courses to prepare students for possible employment opportunities in intercollegiate athletic conferences and associations, public and private facilities, corporate wellness programs, and high school athletic programs among others.

Students will develop skills in sports marketing; have a foundational understanding of sports management; will understand the legal and financial issues of managing sports teams and athletic facilities; develop strong communication skills; and develop a clear philosophy of management that can be applied in a variety of settings.

For more information, contact the School of Education, at (765) 973-8224.