IU East welcomes largest incoming class

The number of students enrolled at Indiana University East is again on the increase this fall. The campus welcomed its largest incoming class, and one of its most diverse, when classes started August 20.

Students walk across the IU East campus. IU East welcomed its largest incoming class this fall.

The campus has a fall headcount enrollment of 3,722 students (an increase of 6.6 percent) taking 38,348 credit hours (an increase of 5.6 percent). Of the students enrolled, 3,196 are degree-seeking (an increase of 2.3 percent), with the remaining 526 seeking certificates or enrolled in individual courses.

IU East Chancellor Kathy Cruz-Uribe said the campus is seeing an increase in several of its demographics this fall.

“We are pleased to welcome so many new students to campus this fall,” Cruz-Uribe said. “The number of incoming freshman and new students to campus signifies IU East’s ability to provide an affordable, world-class education to our students, whether in the traditional brick and mortar classroom or virtual classroom online.”

The diversity of students on the IU East campus continues to increase. The campus set a record enrollment for the number of degree-seeking domestic minorities at 413 students. This reflects the campus’ largest number of African-American students at 224. The campus also continues to see high numbers of Hispanic/Latino students who represent 3.7 percent of the overall enrollment.

The number of new students this year – combining members of the incoming freshman class and the number of transfer students – is 901 students of the 3,722 enrolled at IU East. This is IU East’s largest degree-seeking freshman class at 455.

Another increasing demographic for IU East is the number of students enrolled in graduate programs. There are 168 students enrolled in graduate certificate and master’s degree programs, an increase of 8 percent. The number of master’s degree-seeking students increased by 21 percent (105 enrolled) this fall. IU East offers six graduate programs in education, English, management, nursing, social work and teaching mathematics.

IU East’s primary mission is to provide bachelor’s and graduate education to students in eastern Indiana and western Ohio. The campus offers a variety of online course options for students, providing students with flexibility in completing their degree programs. As a result, many IU East students take a mix of online and on-campus courses.

Online degree completion programs also continue to grow at IU East. Of the students enrolled, 40.6 percent (1,512) take at least one course online. In addition to individual online courses, the campus also offers 14 bachelor’s degree online completion program options, as well as Graduate Certificates in Composition Studies, Early Childhood Education and Mathematics.

Enrollment by county for Indiana shows the highest number of IU East students are from Wayne County, followed by Randolph, Henry, Dearborn, Fayette, Franklin, Rush and Union counties. IU East also enrolls a number of students from Ohio as part of a tuition reciprocity agreement, including students primarily from Preble, Darke, Butler, Shelby and Mercer counties.

The number of international students enrolled at IU East is the highest it has been, with the top three countries of residence being China, Mexico and South Korea.

Official enrollment numbers were released by Indiana University on September 4.