IU East’s Faculty Scholarship Celebration showcases work of 10 faculty members

Indiana University East’s fifth annual Faculty Scholarship Celebration is an event to showcase the scholarly and creative achievements of its faculty.

The event celebrates IU East faculty who have been engaged in research, teaching exploration, or creative pursuits over the past year through grants, sabbaticals, fellowships and other funding opportunities.

Faculty, staff, and students are invited to attend the celebration at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday, September 22, in the Whitewater Hall Lobby. IU East faculty research and teaching presentations are also available to watch at iue.edu/faculty-scholarship.

Jean Harper, interim associate vice chancellor of Academic Affairs and professor of English, serves on the Faculty Scholarship Celebration committee.

“The Celebration of Faculty Scholarship highlights the research and creative passions that drive many faculty and the reason they became college professors in the first place,” Harper said. “Many faculty found those passions ignited in the classroom when they were students, and through teaching now ignite a similar passion in their own students.”

This year’s event will be held in person—a welcome return from the last two years for the celebration, which have been held virtually because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“This year, we are so grateful to be back together in person for the event,” Harper said. “And, to augment that, special webpages showcase videos faculty have created to present their work. In a way, this year is the best of both worlds!”

TJ Rivard, interim executive vice chancellor for Academic Affairs and professor of English, organizes the Faculty Scholarship Celebration. He will provide the introduction and closing remarks.

“Because scholarship and teaching are critical to our campus mission, it is important to celebrate the hard work that faculty put into their research and creative work,” Rivard said. “At the Faculty Scholarship Celebration, we come together to celebrate the individual accomplishments of faculty but also to celebrate the IU East community of scholars.”

Daron Olson, associate professor of European and world history, received the 2021 Distinguished Research Award and will give the keynote address.

The Faculty Scholarship Celebration presenters are:

  • Brian Brodeur, Ph.D., associate professor of English, “The Flicker, Not the Flame’: E. A. Robinson’s Narrative Compression”
  • Jamie Buffington-Adams, “What’s the Emergency?: From the Perspective of Those Filling Teachers’ Shoes”
  • Chera LaForge, Ph.D., associate professor of political science, “Confessions of a (Former) Killer Course: Using the QM Review Process to Improve an Undergraduate Research Course”
  • Sue McFadden, M.L.S., associate librarian for research and coordinator IUScholarWorks,”Investigation of Undergraduate Student Research: Developing a Best Practice Plan for IU East with Assessments”
  • Dianne Moneypenny, Ph.D., associate professor of World Languages and Cultures, “Women in Medieval Mediterranean Food Studies”
  • Jessica Raposo, D.M.A., “The Soprano-Flute Collaborations of Nellie Melba: London and the Provinces”
  • Neil Sabine, Ph.D., “Perceptions and Performance of Students in a Required No-lecture Biology Course”
  • Wes Tobin, Ed.D., assistant professor of physics, “Observation and Analysis of Eclipsing Binary Star Systems”
  • Josh Tolbert, Ed.D., “We Did the Best We Could’: Special Education Teachers’ COVID Successes and Setbacks”
  • Stephanie Whitehead, Ph.D., associate professor of criminal justice, “Making Monsters: Dark Tourism and Constructions of Crime, Criminality, and Victimization”

To watch the faculty video presentations online, visit iue.edu/faculty-scholarship.