IU East’s first master’s degrees to be awarded at tonight’s commencement ceremony

The first master’s degrees will be awarded to graduates during the 38th annual Indiana University East Commencement Ceremony tonight at 6 p.m. The university will have six graduate students receiving their Master of Science in Education degrees at the ceremony. The graduates are currently public school teachers in Richmond, Centerville, Western Wayne and Ohio school districts.

Cheryl Stolle, director of graduate studies for the School of Education, said many of the graduates received their Bachelor of Science in Education degrees from IU East. She said the graduate program for professional teachers affirms the IU East commitment to education in the region.

“It has long been a School of Education goal to provide area teachers with relevant professional development promoting the concepts of teacher leader and learning communities,” Stolle said. “The School of Education is committed to continuous support for teachers and schools. These first M.S. students have taught us as we have instructed them. Working with practicing teachers is an important component of IU East faculty keeping professionally current and aware of what is happening in schools.”

The Master of Science in Education degree program enrolled its first students in June 2007 after approval by the Indiana University Board of Trustees. The innovative degree program focuses on developing teachers as professional development leaders in the public schools. Teachers are able to complete the degree locally, through the nationally accredited School of Education. 

Stolle said graduates going through the degree program will be professionally current regarding learner development and using research to inform practice. 

“Graduates understand the utilization of action research to quantify the efficacy of their practice. These teachers comprehend the importance of systematized reflective practice and service to the profession. Each graduate has had the opportunity to develop expertise that is specifically relevant to their students and school,” Stolle said.

 “Commencement is neither the beginning nor the end. It is the continuation of meaningful engagement between the university and its students, and our graduate students with their students,” Stolle said.
The M.S. in Education was IU East’s first approved master’s degree and the Master of Social Work degree has since been added.
“I expect that we will be adding many more master’s degrees in the near future as we continue to meet the needs of the region within our mission as a full-fledged bachelor’s and graduate institution,” said Larry Richards, executive vice chancellor for Academic Affairs.

For more information about the Master of Science in Education, contact the School of Education at (765) 973-8224 or visit the school’s Web site at www.iue.edu/education/ms.