IU East’s WVAAC Top Ten, Purchase award recipients

Indiana University East Whitewater Valley Annual Art Competition Top Ten Award and Purchase Award recipients have their work on display now through December 7 in The Gallery and Meijer Artway, located in Whitewater Hall.

This year’s competition was juried by Barbara Tannenbaum, Curator of Photography at the Cleveland Museum of Art. The competition accepts entries from artists throughout a 300-mile radius around Richmond.

The WVAAC would not be possible without the generous support of its donors. The following people are noted for their contributions:
Belden Americas
Kyle Tom Real Estate Services
Richmond Podiatry (Dr. Deborah Wehman)
Bradford & Mary Barrett
David & Marilyn Fulton
Cory & Ginger Gray
Robert & Anne Pennington
Patrick & Jane Martin

Visitors are welcome to view the exhibit during gallery hours, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. For more information, call Ed Thornburg, gallery curator, at (765) 973-8605 or visit iue.edu/gallery.

Top Ten Merit Awards
Dan Cooper, Indianapolis, Ind.: “Going Somewhere Else” Acrylic on Canvas
Mark Gardner, Centerville, Ind.: “Psattry” Pen and Ink on Paper
Lisa Gettinger, Rushville, Ind.:  “Making Fall Hay II” Oil on Canvas
Jim Hair, Richmond, Ind.: “Diane and Mike on Main Street” Giclee Print
Heather Hill, Fountain City, Ind.:“Sanctuary” Pastel and Charcoal
Sungyeoul Lee, Richmond, Ind.: “Hollow” Sterling, Copper Mesh, Steel Wire, Powder Coating
Kevin Longley, Brookville, Ohio: “A View of John”    Colored Pencil on Paper
Emily Palmer, Richmond, Ind.: “Persephone” Gelatin Silver Photograph
Jack Phelps, Williamsburg, Ind.: “Hay Field”    Aquatint Print
Lindsay Pitts, Richmond, Ind.: “Untitled Nude II” Gelatin Silver Photograph

Purchase Awards
Carl Gay, Richmond, Ind.: “Greenhouse Effect” Digital Photograph
Heather Hill, Fountain City, Ind.: “Sanctuary” Pastel and Charcoal
Carol Sexton, Richmond, Ind.: “Knot” Carved Indiana Limestone
Richard Spence, Eaton, Ohio: “Divisions of Time” Acrylic on Panel
Annette Warfel, Richmond, Ind.: “9 Trees” Pastel on Paper

2012 Whitewater Valley Annual Art Competition Entrants
Brad Baker, Centerville, Ind.: “Untitled”    Acrylic on Canvas
Walt Bistline, Richmond, Ind.: “South Padre Island (09-2552)” Archival Photo Inkjet Print
Bridgette Bogle, Dayton, Ohio: “Anger Management” Water Soluble Oil on Canvas
Carter, Cortney, Richmond, Ind.: “Hands of Time” Digital Photo
Dan Cooper, Indianapolis: “Suburban Night,” “Spring /Winter,” and “Going Somewhere Else” Acrylic on Canvas
Mark Gardner, Centerville, Ind.:    “Psattry” and “Untitled” Pen/Ink on Paper
Carl Gay: Richmond, Ind.: “Greenhouse Effect” Digital Photo
Lisa Gettinger: Rushville, Ind.: “Making Fall Hay II” and “Picking Beans Self Portrait” Oil on Canvas
Gail Ginther, Metamora, Ind.: “Cornfield” Acrylic on Canvas
Barbara Giorgio, Selma, Ind.: “Nepenthes (pitcher plants)” Kiln-formed Glass, Glass Powder Imagery
Jim Hair, Richmond, Ind.: “Two Girls with Wolf…” and “Diane and Mike on…” Giclee Print of Silver Negative Photograph
Amanda Hale, Richmond, Ind.: “Bedroom Eyes” Graphite on Paper
Claire Heineman, Yorktown, Ind.: “Snowscape” Digital Giclee Photo
Heather Hill, Fountain City, Ind.: “Sanctuary” Charcoal / Pastel
Nicole Irvin, Muncie, Ind.: “Change of Thought” Oil on Canvas
David Johnson, Muncie, Ind.: “Old MacDonald’s Farm of Lost Allusions” Color Etchings, Letterpress, Paste Paper, Accordian Book
Kelly Joslin, Dayton, Ind.: “Hickory Hill, Room 37B” Giclee Print
Sydney Joslin-Knapp, Dayton, Ind.: “An Offering” Giclee Print
Richard Jurus, Dayton, Ohio: “The Last Tango” Giclee Print
Terra Keck, Muncie, Ind.: “Swine” Mixed
Benny Kenworthy, Richmond, Ind.: “Untitled” Acrylic on Canvas
Ann Kim, Centerville, Ohio: “Life: Exchange of Smells” Oil and Twine on Canvas
Sungyeoul Lee,    Richmond, Ind.:    “Hollow” (teapot) and “Hollow” (goblet)     Sterling Silver, Copper Mesh, Steel wire, Powder Coating
Kevin Longley, Brookville, Ohio: “A View of John” Colored Pencil on Paper
Suga Matsui, Richmond, Ind.: “Light Above” Digital Photo
Eric McKinley, Cambridge City, Ind.: “White Trees” Digital Photo, 3D
Amy Mitchell, Eaton, Ohio: “Ellen” Intaglio and “The Sky Searches…”Oil on Panel
Emily Palmer, Richmond, Ind.: “Wrath,” “Persephone,” and “Candy Land” Gelatin Silver Photograph
Diana Pappin, Richmond, Ind.: “Dramatic Peace” Digital Photo
Chris Perbix, Richmond, Ind.: “A Throw”    Graphite on Paper
Jack Phelps, Williamsburg, Ind.:    “Tomatoes” and “Hay Field” Aquatint
Lindsay Pitts, Richmond, Ind.: “Untitled Nude II”     and “Untitled Nude III”    Gelatin Silver Photograph
Palline Plum, Richmond, Ind.: “Bovine Skull, Bottom” Digital Photo
Michael Prater,    Muncie, Ind.: “Doctor Rocket” and “Madame Planet Hat” Charcoal on Paper
Mary Ann Rahe,     Muncie, Ind.: “Have a Job/Don’t …” Low-fire Clay
Kaly Reichter, Richmond, Ind.: “Poker Night” Digital Photo
Thomas Riesing, Muncie, Ind.: “Copse, Salmon River…” Oil on Canvas
Francis Schanberger, Dayton, Ohio: “Pluot” Gold & Palladium Toned Van dyke Brown Print
Katie Seitz, Richmond, Ind.: “The Wedding Present” Oil on Canvas
Carol Sexton, Richmond, Ind.: “Knot” Carved Indiana Limestone
Julie Smith, Scottsburg, Ind.: “Life” Digital Photo
Richard Spence,     Eaton, Ohio: “Division of Time”    and “Various Contemplations” Acrylic on Panel
Susanna Tanner, Richmond, Ind.: “Untitled #1” Giclee Print
Jerry Thompson, Richmond, Ind.: “The Cane Box”Acrylic on Canvas
Annette Warfel: “9 Trees” Pastel on Board
Jon Yamashiro: “Tool” Photo / mixed and “Manzanar Internment…” Toned Gelatin Silver Print