Student Research Day award winners

Student Research Day featured the work of students at Indiana University East on March 29.

The presentations included independent scholarship from courses, independent studies, summer research programs, Honors Program projects and creative endeavors.

Award winners received $100 for first place, $75 for second and $50 for third. Winners this year were:

Poster Presentations

  • Savannah Lynch, Somerville, Ohio, “Phototropic Response in Arabidopsis Thaliana”
  • MacKenzie Philpot, Richmond, Indiana, “Puerto Rico”
  • Abigail Weber, Richmond, Indiana, “Abuse of a Corpse”

Oral Presentations

  • Kassy Smith, Liberty, Indiana, “La Muerte Mexicana: Como Agua Para Chocolate”
  • Carla Carey, Bloomington, Indiana, “Transformative Learning in Worldschooling Blogs”
  • Heidi Klein, New Paris, Ohio, “A Place for the Canon”

Honors Presentations

  • Breanna Nowak, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, “Changes in Gene Expression in Drosophila Melanogaster upon Exposure to Lindane”
  • Alicia Thompson, Richmond, Indiana, “Molecular Dynamics Simulation Methods & Nuclear Quantum Effects”
  • Garrett Hadler, Carthage, Indiana, “What Defines Friendship in Middle Earth”