B.A. in Natural Science and Mathematics (Biology) & B.S. in Secondary Education (Science) Dual degree Option

If you want to teach Science at the secondary level, we recommend that you obtain the dual degree in Secondary Education and Natural Science and Mathematics. The plan of studies includes 120 credit hours and allows you to earn two bacchalaureate degrees within four years. With these two degrees, you will have a teaching license and will be able to teach at the middle and high school levels.

The program can be completed in four years, and includes an internship year teaching with a Mentor Teacher.

Plan of Studies

Year 1 (27 cr.)

Fall Semester (14 cr.)

Spring Semester (13 cr.)

Year 2 (26 cr.)

Fall Semester (12 cr.)

Spring Semester (12 cr.)

  • BIOL-L 315 - Cell Biology (4 cr.)
  • BIOL-L 333 Environmental Biology (4 cr.)
  • Behavioral/Social Sciences Elective, e.g., SOC-S 100 Intro Sociology (3 cr.)
  • Humanities/Arts Elective, e.g. HIST-H 105 - American History (3 cr.)

Year 3 (38 cr.)

Fall Semester (14 cr.)

Apply to Student Teaching by Dec 1 of your Junior Year

Spring Semester (12 cr.)

  • BIOL-Lxxx Elective in Biology (4 cr.)
  • BIOL-L 452 - Capstone (1 cr.)
  • SPAN-S 150 - Elementary Spanish II (4 cr.)
  • Humanities/Arts Elective, e.g., FINA-S 280 - Metalsmithing & Jewelry Design I (3 cr.)

Take CASA exam by April 30 of your Junior Year

Summer Semester (12 cr.)

Take Praxis 2 and apply to TEP by Aug 15 of your Junior Year

Year 4 (28 cr.)

Fall Semester (12 cr.)

Spring Semester (16 cr.)

You will work closely with an advisor from the School of Education and from the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. At the end of four years you will have earned two undergraduate degrees, and will have the credentials necessary for teaching at in a secondary school grades 5-12.

Please contact Dr Neil Sabine for questions regarding Biology, and Carla Bowen for questions regarding education courses and teacher licensure.

Request Information

Thank you so much for your interest in IU East! Please feel free to contact us with any questions at applynow@iue.edu or (765) 973-8208.
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