Natural Science & Mathematics

Mission Statement

The School of Natural Science and Mathematics supports the missions of Indiana University and of Indiana University East. The primary mission of the school is to provide opportunities for formal learning through instructional programs that lead to the completion of baccalaureate degrees.

The school provides courses and academic advising which lead to degrees in the natural sciences and mathematics including: Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry, Biology, Human Life Science, Mathematics; a Bachelor of Arts in Natural Science and Mathematics, with concentrations in biology, biochemistry, mathematics, or interdisciplinary. In addition, the division offers minors in biology, chemistry, and environmental studies. The school also provides a broad range of courses for degree programs in other schools on the IU East campus, such as the School of Nursing and the School of Education. The School of Natural Science and Mathematics can provide advising and coursework for students planning to transfer to other campuses. The faculty strives to meet the needs of both traditional and non-traditional students through flexible scheduling, distance education, and by providing a wide range of courses including developmental courses.

Teaching is the primary responsibility of the faculty. In addition, faculty engage in research and scholarly activities to improve their proficiency in their discipline and their effectiveness in facilitating student learning and fostering student involvement in research, scholarly activities and extracurricular activities. The school encourages and participates in campus activities that promote an increased understanding of science and mathematics and lead to student success. School members also provide professional expertise, resources for problem solving, and support for other organizations, groups, and communities in east central Indiana.

Approved by Natural Science and Mathematics: April 14, 1994. Revised by Natural Science and Mathematics: March 12, 1998, October 27, 2005, October 30, 2008, September 18, 2013.

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