B.S. in Mathematics (120 cr)

The Bachelor of Science in Mathematics provides you with a broad background in various areas of study within mathematics. It prepares you for advanced study or for employment. As a graduate from this program, you may find employment in banking, insurance, or other industries. If you want to pursue further studies, the degree prepares you for graduate school in mathematics or a graduate program in teaching. It is possible to earn a dual degree in mathematics and secondary education; please see your academic advisor to review course requirements for the dual degree.

Students who wish to pursue a career in High School teaching may earn a dual degree in Mathematics and in Secondary Education.

General Education Requirements (30 cr)

Please note: The Quantitative Reasoning and Scientific Ways of Knowing General Education Requirements will be satisfied by this degree’s requirements. Please confirm these requirements with your advisor.

General Education Requirements »

Information regarding the General Education Core List can be found here.

Program Requirements

First-Year Seminar (0-2 cr)

  • UCOL-U 101 First Year Seminar or
  • HON-H 100 Freshman Honors Seminar
    A passing grade is required in the First Year Seminar course. This course is mandatory for all beginning freshmen and for transfer students with no more than 12 credit hours of transferring coursework. This course must be taken in the first semester after admission to Indiana University East.

Information Literacy (1-3 cr)

Choose 1 from:

  • CSCI-A 110 Introduction to Computers & Computing (3 cr)
  • BUS-K 209 Fundamentals of Microsoft Office (3 cr)

Degree Requirements (45 cr)

Mathematics Core Requirements (30 cr)

Electives in Mathematics (15 cr)

Choose any combination of 15 credits of MATH-M courses at the 300-level or above (including approved T-courses, informatics, economics or finance courses).

  • MATH-M 313 Elementary Differential Equations with Applications (3 cr)
  • MATH-M 366 Elements of Statistical Inference (3 cr)
  • MATH-M 371 Elementary Computational Methods  (3 cr)
  • MATH-M 380 History of Mathematics (3 cr)
  • MATH-M 404 Introduction to Modern Algebra II
  • MATH-M 405 Number Theory (3 cr)
  • MATH-M 414 Introduction to Analysis II
  • MATH-M 421 Introduction to Topology I (3 cr)
  • MATH-M 415 Elementary Complex Variables with Applications (3 cr)
  • MATH-M 451 Mathematics of Finance (3 cr)

Electives (40-43 cr)

After concentration requirements have been met, take enough credit hours to complete 120 credits and meet IU East degree program requirements, residency requirements, and GPA requirements.

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