Minor in Mathematics

The Minor in Mathematics is a program consisting of 16 credit hours of undergraduate credit in Mathematics. The purpose of a Minor in Mathematics is to provide non-math major students with the opportunity to enhance their career with a strong background in quantitative skills and strengthen the credentials of students who wish to go to graduate school and job market. In particular, a Minor in Mathematics provides non-math major students with a formal recognition and strength of students’ quantitative knowledge beyond the requirements of their major.

Minor Requirements (16 credit hours)

This minor is open to any IU East student. Students must be in good academic standing. The Minor consists of 16 credit hours in mathematics at the undergraduate level following the Pre-Calculus and Trigonometric Functions courses.

Students will complete the courses in the Calculus sequence (MATH-M 215, M 216, M 311). Topics of these courses include differential and integral calculus of one and several variables, and sequences and series. The remaining course is an elective, and topics may vary. 

Core Required Courses (13 credit hours)

Elective Courses (3 credit hours)

The remaining 3 credit hours must be selected from among the courses below. Other courses are permissible if approved by an advisor.

  • MATH-M 303 Linear Algebra for Undergraduates (3)
  • MATH-M 313 Elementary Differential Equations with Applications (3)
  • MATH-M 366 Elements of Statistical Inference (3)
  • MATH-M 371 Elementary Computational Methods (3)
  • MATH-M 393 Bridge to Abstract Mathematics (3)

A sample proposed minor program

For further Information, please contact:

Young You

Young You
  • Associate Professor, Mathematics
  • Coordinator, Department of Mathematics, School of Natural Science and Mathematics
  • 765-973-8417
  • Whitewater Hall 256
  • Faculty Profile

Teresa Price

Teresa Price
  • Lead Advisor, School of Natural Science and Mathematics
  • 765-973-8519
  • Whitewater Hall 263
Young You OR Teresa Price Assistant Professor, Mathematics Academic Advisor 765-973-8417 765-973-8519 youy@iue.edu tkprice@iue.edu */ ?>

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