The Math & Science Resource Center uses many tools to help students learn, including:

Online Assistance

Students can submit questions to the Math & Science Center at anytime using Upswing, our online service.  Just use the following steps:

When you log into Upswing, you will login with your IU username and passphrase.  Note there is a quick video tutorial provided on the login screen of the Upswing website.

Once you are logged into Upswing, you can "Submit an Assignment for Review" using the form on the left side of the screen.  Please upload any work you have tried to do and a picture or screen shot of the problem when you submit your question.  There is space to upload two files if necessary.  This just helps the mentors to fully understand your questions within the context of the problem that you are working on.

Math Hotline

Students who need assistance while working on math problems at home are invited to call the math hotline (765-973-8506) any time during scheduled Math & Science Resource Center hours.

Videos and Online Resources

Students can access videos and notes on a variety of concepts through the Math & Science Center's canvas site. Currently, videos and online resources are available for the following:

To gain access to the Math & Science Center's canvas site, please contact Neena Wilson.

Students can also view the schedule for the on-campus and online centers through the following links:

Worksheets and Texts

The Math & Science Resource Center contains dozens of handouts and worksheets indexed according to textbook sections. Many handouts give step-by-step instructions for solving a particular type of problem as well as examples and practice problems. Students are welcome to review a handout with a mentor and then take the handout home for future reference. In addition, the Math & Science Resource Center contains many alternative texts for student use while in the Center.

Request Information

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