Natural Science & Mathematics

What are MICRO scholarships?

Indiana University East department of Natural Science and Mathematics (IUE NSM) will offer Micro-Scholarships that recognize students’ everyday achievements and allow students’ to start earning money for college based on their achievements in major courses in NSM. The awards are designed to be both exciting and practical, and responsive to students' real needs for covering the costs of attending college.


Students (part-time and full-time) with a major in NSM, are entitled to apply for the Micro-Scholarship. It is worth up to $600. The award is meant to assist students in funding their studies at IUE.

Students who are interested in applying for Micro-Scholarship should submit the following:

  • - Micro-Scholarship Application Form (Online)

Scholarship Opportunities

  1. Get an A (A-, A, A+) in NSM courses
  2. Get a B (B-, B, B+) in NSM courses
  3. Academic Progress (cumulative GPA raised from previous semester.)
    Part time students will calculate a semester based on a sequence of 12 credit hours.*
  4. Honors Class in NSM (Minimum grade of B or better)
  5. Leadership Role in Extra Curricular Activities in NSM
    (i.e. Officers in the Honor's Program, Tri-Beta, or the Pre-Professional Club)
When students begin their part time status the sequence of a minimum of 12 credit hours and a maximum of 18 credit hours will begin. Comparisons of GPA and awards for letter grades will be awarded based on these sequences.


The committee of Micro-Scholarship will review the applications and award students who meet the qualification. The Micro-Scholarship will be awarded to students’ bursar account.

The committee members (Ron Itnyre, Marcus Bingham, and Teresa Price) will review the applications.

Request Information

Thank you so much for your interest in IU East! Please feel free to contact us with any questions at or (765) 973-8208.
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