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Student Spotlight: Adam Reisert

Adam Reisert

Research projects can often be the most aggravating, stressful parts of the college experience because of the amount of work and data gathering involved. However, they are also one of the most valuable parts of the college experience because they allow students to develop critical thinking and data interpretation skills that will be valuable to them after college. Adam Reisert’s undergraduate research at IU East not only helped him to hone these skills but also gave him a leg up on the challenges of the physician assistant program at the IU School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences in Indianapolis.

When Adam began attending college at IU East, he enrolled in the IU East Honor’s Program. Participating in the program gave him the opportunity to do intensive research based on his interests and passions. One of his first projects was on medical advancements that took place during the Second World War, such as more effective modes of patient transportation, the development of sulfa and penicillin, and the use of blood transfusions. After completing this project, Adam was given the opportunity to present it at the Mid-Eastern Honors Association conference at Kent State University, an experience that he credits as one of his favorite memories. He also used the PubChem database to research insecticides and pesticides and their effects on the body, constructed a learning module for CHEM-C484 Biomolecules and Catabolism that involved analyzing the genes and proteins coded in particular genetic sequences, toured the Microbiology, Hematology, and Anatomical Physiology labs at Reid Hospital, and used Gaussian 09 software to complete a lab report exhibiting an exothermic reaction.

Because of his intensive research projects, Adam was able to get to know his professors on a more personal level which he thoroughly enjoyed. He worked closely with Dr. Parul Khurana in the IUE research lab as he did his senior thesis project. He got a lot out of both that experience and the other classes he took with her because her cell biology class was “basically the foundation and a great start to understanding the pathophysiology classes” he has taken in grad school. He also enjoyed Dr. Ron Itnyre’s microbiology lab course because “Dr. Itnyre made the class fun and did a good job of preparing me for the infectious disease class and the antimicrobial drugs within the pharmacology class that I’m in right now”.

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