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Student Spotlight: Mariah Squire

Mariah Squire

Is college worth it? This is a common question asked by undergraduate students who wonder whether all of the hours and aggravations of homework and paper deadlines will actually help them succeed after graduation. To those undergraduate students, Mariah Squire's answer would be a heartfelt yes.

Many of Mariah's favorite memories of IU East are of taking some of her core courses with her younger sister McKenna who was also a biology major. Her fondest memory of IU East is from her senior year when she and McKenna won the IU East talent show for rapping, singing, and beat-boxing.

After Mariah graduated with honors and highest distinction from IU East, she spent a semester working as an adjunct instructor for two math labs, a chemistry lab, and a physics lab at IU East while applying for graduate school. She received four interviews and three offers and, after careful consideration and prayer, accepted an offer to study Microbiology at Miami University. In addition to being a full time student, she serves as a teaching assistant in a bacteriophage lab for undergraduate students and is working under the direction of Dr. Luis Actis in a lab that studies the human pathogen Acinetobacter baumannii. Next summer, she will take a comprehensive exam to determine her eligibility to become a PhD candidate.

Her time at IU East prepared Mariah for life after graduation in many ways. She not only learned from incredible professors while she was here but also interacted with them on a professional and personal level, giving her a support system as she prepared for grad school and preparing her for her interactions with her grad school professors. The Honor's Program pushed her to go above and beyond typical course work in, preparing her for the extra demands of graduate course work. Opportunities to work as a supplemental instructor (SI) for biology and a math lab mentor and to serve as a member of the student government association gave Mariah leadership skills and the ability to work well with others. She credits these experiences for “my confidence in explaining scientific matters to others, my ability to be a leader in various situations, and my capacity to balance multiple roles as a graduate student”.

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