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Student Spotlight: Brianna Keener

Brianna Keener

Brianna received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with a minor in chemistry. While achieving this degree, she was also in the Honors Program, which requires additional work for certain classes, and worked part-time for her family. Working and going to school, with the additional honors workload, requires a great deal of time management skills. She states, “It helped me to learn time management and how to become really organized. I took a few summer classes and was able to graduate a semester early!”

While pursuing her degree at IU East she aspired to become an optometrist and is currently a second year student at the Indiana University School of Optometry. There, Brianna is involved in several clubs in the Optometry School which helps her “interconnected with other students and those in the field of optometry.” Although she has accomplished her bachelor's degree, she has not forgotten what an education from IU has meant to her. “An education from IUE meant the beginning to a future I have always desired. It pushed me to do and be my absolute best as a student and as a person. I am forever grateful for all the faculty and professors I had come into contact with throughout my years at IUE!”

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