School of Nursing and Health Sciences

Graduation Requirements

Application for Graduation

All students must complete an Application for Degree before graduation by the dates listed below. All Removals of Grades and Deferred grades, Changes of Grades, Independent Study (Correspondence) Grades must be received no later than three weeks prior to the end of classes of your final semester. It takes time to process the application through the University system and to resolve any problems that may occur. Early April is the deadline date for May graduates.

Members of the IU East community look forward to participating with students at the commencement ceremony. Commencement is usually held at Civic Hall. Date and time will be announced at the beginning of each school year.

Students who completed degree requirements in December or who expect to complete requirements in May, June or August are invited to participate in the ceremony. Information regarding commencement activities, purchasing caps and gowns, announcements and other memorabilia will be sent to the students early in the spring. The Registrar's Office must have received the Application for Diploma for the student's name to be included on the tentative list. Mailings will be sent to the permanent address that you listed on the degree application. If this is not the student's current address, the student is encouraged to make sure mail received at this address will be forwarded prior to graduation. Only students making application for their degree will receive commencement information.

Application Deadline Dates
Graduation Date Application Deadline
May November 1
June November 1
August November 1
December April 15


Students have the opportunity to be recognized for academic excellence during their program of study and at graduation. Full-time nursing students will be placed on the Dean's List for each semester for which they earn a GPA of 3.5 or higher. Part-time students are eligible for the Dean's List after the completion of 12 credit hours and for each semester they have accumulated an additional 12 credit hours of course work with a GPA of 3.5 or higher.

To graduate with academic distinction, baccalaureate candidates must rank within the highest 10% of the graduating class, must have completed a minimum of 60 hours at Indiana University, and must meet the cumulative GPA requirements outlined below.

Distinction 3.70 - 3.79

High Distinction 3.80 - 3.89

Highest Distinction 3.90 - 4.0

Candidates who are awarded honors in general scholarship are distinguished by cream and crimson fourrageres, which are looped cords worn from the left shoulder during the commencement exercises.

The grade point average used for determining academic distinction is based on all grades in courses taken at Indiana University that meet degree requirements for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. This includes FX as well as grades in courses that are repeated. The GPA excludes transfer grades.

A tentative honors list will be developed based on the GPA in general education courses required by the nursing degree and nursing theory classes through December. However, a final honors list will be developed based on all work completed for the degree. Courses taken that do not count toward the degree will not be calculated for honors. Question should be directed to the student’s faculty advisor. Honor cords, which are worn on the commencement gown, and represent the student's academic honors, will be distributed at the prior to commencement. Awards and honors to recognize outstanding students are also given at the time of graduation or on Honor's Day.


The diploma attests to the completion of the student's degree and should be kept in a safe place. For students completing degree requirements in May, diplomas will be given at the commencement ceremony in May. If the student is unable to attend the commencement ceremony, upon presentation of identification, diplomas may be picked up in the Registrar's Office after commencement. If you wish to have the diploma mailed, contact the Registrar's office to make arrangements.

School Pins

In the profession of nursing each graduate wears the pin of his/her undergraduate school The School of Nursing and Health Sciences pin for the holder of the BSN degree is distinctive. An order blank for the pins will be distributed in the spring for each program. Prices range from: $15–$75. No student will receive their nursing pin until they have officially graduated from the School of Nursing and Health Sciences. No individual orders made directly to the jewelers will be honored.

The annual recognition ceremony is in May. May, June and August undergraduates are eligible to participate in pinning at the May Recognition Ceremony. May graduates may keep their pins following the ceremony. June and August graduates may wear their pins for the ceremony, but will return them to be kept in the Office of the Dean of Nursing for final distribution after final grades are received and records reviewed. Date and time will be announced early in the school year.

Pictures for the State Board

During the senior year of the program students will be required to have a picture taken for identification purposes and for admittance to take the NCLEX. Students must purchase three pictures for entrance to the testing site. Students will also have the opportunity to purchase additional pictures as well as a class composite. Pictures range in price according to what is ordered.

NCLEX (State Board Exam)

The licensing exam for registered nursing is a national exam that is administered by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing. The testing is available year-round via computerized adaptive testing (CAT) through NCS Pearson. The test will take from two to five hours to complete. The cost of the exam for beginning October 2001 will be $200.00. The fee to become licensed may vary from state to state. Beginning September 2001, Indiana Health Professions Bureau, which approves licensing for RN's in Indiana, charged a $50.00 processing fee.

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