B.A. in Natural Science and Mathematics, Mathematics Concentration

It is easier than ever to obtain the degree you desire without putting your life on hold. IU East now offers a B.A in Natural Science and Mathematics – Mathematics Concentration.

Students who have their general education courses completed can receive either one of these attractive bachelor’s degree online in two years. "The B.A. in Natural Sciences and Mathematics is an attractive, flexible, Liberal Arts degree" says Dr. Markus Pomper, Chair of the Mathematics Department. "Students who have earned 60 or more credits from another institution may complete this degree in two years or less and never set foot on campus. We will work with students and design an individual degree completion plan that takes into consideration all coursework from other institutions."

The program is taught by award-winning faculty who are fervent about teaching and research.

A bachelor’s degree in Mathematics offers students a variety of career choices. Many of our graduates seek a career in teaching at the high school or community college level.

The B.A. in Natural Sciences and Mathematics requires 30 credit hours in Mathematics. It also requires that students take two semesters of a foreign language. The common core for this program consists of courses in Calculus, Proof Techniques and the History of Mathematics. Students will choose the remaining courses with the help of their advisor.

Completion Program Curriculum

This is a sample program. You will not need to retake any classes which qualify for transfer credit from other institutions. This program assumes that you have taken Pre-Calculus and Trigonometry at another institution. After you are admitted to the program your program advisor will create a customized plan for you. This plan will be tailored to your needs and interests, and may also be spread over a longer period of time if you prefer to be a less-than-full-time student, or a shorter time if you transfer more than 60 credit hours.

Fall - Year 1

Spring - Year 1

Summer - Year 1

Fall - Year 2

  • MATH-M 447 Mathematical Models (3 cr)
  • MATH-M 366 Statistics (3 cr)
  • BIOL-L 393 Hormones and Human Health I (3 cr) or other elective ☼
  • ANTH-P 360 North American Archaeology (3 cr) or other elective ☼

Spring - Year 2

  • MATH-M 448 Mathematical Models II (3 cr) or other elective ☼
  • MUS-Z 201 History of Rock’n’Roll (3 cr) or other elective ☼
  • BIOL-L 393 Biology of Addictions (3 cr) or other elective ☼
  • COAS-I 103 Information Literacy (2 cr)

Summer - Year 2

  • MATH-M 118 Finite Mathematics (3 cr) or other elective ☼

* indicates a required course within the concentration

§ indicates an elective within the concentration. Other courses are possible, but must be chosen with advisor

☼ indicates a free elective (other choices are possible)

Total credit hours for this degree must total at least 120. At least 30 credit hours must be taken at IU East.

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