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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I work at my own pace? Are there set due dates?

Like any on-campus course, you will have a fairly fixed schedule of activities and assignments to complete for each week/unit. The days/times that you plan to accomplish that work are, however, dependent on your own flexibility. Due dates are usually set to accomodate working professionals- i.e. giving several days to a week between deadlines.

Is there a specific time to be online?

In the event that an instructor has a scheduled online event for the class (i.e. a scheduled test review session), it's our practice to hold those sessions at least twice to accommodate student schedules, and also to record the session so that those who cannot attend can have access to the same information.

How do exams work for an online course?

Our courses use a variety of assessment methods including projects, papers, forums, and quizzes. For exams, instructors may uitlize our Tests tool (a Sakai learning management product) or may require that students take an exam in the physical presence of a proctor. If you are required to use a proctor, your instructor can guide you in finding an appropriate approved proctor.

Who do I contact if I have problems with my computer?

Our Help Desk can be reached by phone (available 24/7) 765-973-8375, by email, or through live chat

Where can I get software for an online course?

You may download a wide array of commonly used software applications free at IUWare online. Be sure to visit Off-Campus Ordering for home delivery.

Where do I learn about textbook information for an online course?

Textbook information may be found on the Indiana University East Bookstore website. International students are encouraged to order through Barnes & Noble International (201-559-3882). It is important to order your books early to ensure that they will arrive in time for the beginning of classes. Some courses require supplementary materials (CDs, online access keys, etc.) in addition to the books.

What is the Immunization hold?

State law requires Indiana University to inform its students of the risks of Meningococcal disease, commonly known as meningitis, and the benefits of getting a vaccination. While it is NOT mandatory that students get vaccinated, students must access the Immunization Compliance Form, read the attached information, and acknowledge that they have read and understood the information before registration.