IU EAST Council Connection Employee of the Year Award

Definition of Service

The recipient of the IU East Council Connection Service Award is selected based on his/her attitude, commitment, teamwork, contribution, and inspiration to the mission, goals and strategic initiatives of IU East.  This award is qualitative, not quantitative.  The winner will not be selected upon the number of nominations received, but on the quality of the individual’s service to IU East that includes the following:

Attitude:  Personal and professional interaction with co-workers, faculty, students, community, and visitors as well as responsibility shown toward the daily routines of the individual’s position.

Commitment:  Continued commitment to increase the overall University performance, projecting a “can-do” image to everyone both on and off the IU East campus.

Teamwork:  Consistently works well with others to reach a common goal, complete a project, etc.

Contribution:  Personal and professional acts that aid the University in fulfilling its mission, goals, and initiatives.

InspirationIs a good role model, encourages others, and helps inspire thoughts and ideas which may lead to success.

Nomination Guidelines

  • The individual nominated must be an IU East appointed support staff employee designated to the East Campus (Clerical, Technical, or Service Maintenance) working 30 hours or more per week.
  • Any member of the IU East community (i.e., faculty, staff, or student) may make a nomination.
  • Nominations will be submitted to the Human Resource Director and then forwarded to the chairperson of the selection committee. 
  • All Dates when award is due will be posted on the Human Resource page under awards.

Selection Committee

The selection committee will consist of the previous year’s winner of the Staff Service Award and four staff members appointed by the Executive Board and confirmed by vote by the Staff at large.  Appointed members will include one representative from the Executive Board.  Of the remaining three members, one will serve a 1-year term and two will serve alternating two-year terms.   Members of the committee may be excused if they are nominated for the award and the Executive Board will appoint an alternate to serve in their place.  The chairperson will be the previous year’s winner.

Selection Process

The selection committee uses a rubric to determine how well the staff member meets the definition of service.  This qualitative analysis will determine which staff member closest meets the definition of service described above.  The names of the nominees and recipient will remain confidential until announced at the Spring Awards Program.

Award Winners

Council Connection Service Award
Lori Johnson 2018
Bob Ladd 2017
Roger Cowan 2016
Diana Fahl 2015
Pam Marcum 2014
Danna Cooper 2013
Mandy Hoadley 2012
Carla Bowen 2011
Amber Clark 2010
Roberta Fienning 2009
Amanda Vance 2008
Margie Santner 2007
Karen Wright 2006
Bobby McDaniel 2005
Rena Dilworth 2004
Todd Duke 2003
Kim Ladd 2002