By Laws and Elections

This committee is responsible for overseeing and reviewing the bylaws and making changes; additions or deletions. They are also responsible for overseeing the process of council officer election and filling any vacancies as they arise.

  • Chair - Jessica Rice
  • Margie Santner
  • Cindy Wicker
  • Linda Melody-Cottongim
  • Kim Ladd
  • Cindy Wicker
  • Cindy Pratt

Scholarships and Awards

This committee is responsible for overseeing the selection process of Staff Service Award, Employee Scholarship Award, and assisting with Endowment Scholarship Award for students.

  • Chair - Mandy Hoadley
  • Shannon Dice
  • Amanda Bellew
  • Kim Ladd
  • Sunny Wright - one year member

Staff Training and Staff Retreat

This committee is responsible for selecting professional development opportunities and planning/organizing the annual staff retreat.

  • Chair - Duretta Callahan
  • Margie Santner
  • Judy Ford
  • Angela Moody
  • Jennifer Jefferson

Fundraising and Community Engagement

This committee is responsible for selecting and organizing our fundraisers and community outreach projects.

  • Chair - Linda Melody-Cottongim
  • Duretta Callahan
  • Pat Doughty
  • Jessica Rice
  • Karla Stevenson

Ad Hoc

Chairperson will be selected when committee is formed.
These committees will be formed as needed when special projects or events occur.